September 21, 2023
Sara Suten Seti: Was Adam & Eve A Real Person Or Have We Been BamBoozle

47 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti: Was Adam & Eve A Real Person Or Have We Been BamBoozle

  1. just asking a question if there is no creator how this we become and this whole universe everything is made perfect for us to breathe drink water and vegetables food for humans to survive There has to be A Great One A Holy Powerful Sprit Being for us all Its not for us to understand until the time is up on us But I respect you Set I Peace my brother

  2. I listen to him at work and he is a dude that doesn't understand. Dude be fear mongering and double talking. The pro blacks are looking more like modern slaves more and more.

  3. Man Seti You're The Truth Brother, I Had The Devine Sense Rise Within Me In My Early Teens… I Feel Everything You're Talking About When You're Talking It… 💯💪🏾✔️

  4. Now they say the pyramid was not built by the Egyptians but aliens, cos the works over there is too heavy for them to understand, wow, i think they are scared of the facts, fear of the black planet. Africa is watching.

  5. They’re quick to put churches and fast food restaurants everywhere for us to eat bad physical and spiritual food. You can’t fight off that type of enemy unless you break the mind control of that bible. If you can’t see the white people tricks in there you should just throw the Bible in the trash

  6. 786 Peace & blessing Hon.USA Blk ppl=Children of Israel in
    Scriptures, i swear by our CREATOR ALLAH MOST HIGH UNSEEN, appointed me
    HIS representative to Blk ppl in particular & USA ppl in general who
    are extremely in Spiritual error, my campaign is based on reparation
    for Blk ppl=USA land base and dollar support to re-establish Blk Wall St
    in accord with G*D's Guided requirements. Brothers & Sister i
    request a united show for our CREATOR via writing in G*D's Man=me on the
    2020 presidential Independent Ballot forsaken all others as there are
    only two Influences our CREATOR ALL MIGHTY, so if your not with me U
    have to be with the damn Satan. Hon Blk ppl who do U have swearing by
    our CREATOR other than me that HE appointed them to represent HIM to USA
    ppl, no one so i am your candidate, please follow on Twitter
    @deputyMahdi, imam Muhammad1 thank U.

  7. Adam and eve were not real people nore was cain and able but when researched Seth Adam and Eve 3rd son he was the Egyptian god of harmony and against any thing that threatens Egypt with that being said Seth is anti Christian

  8. Peace Guar!! I stay in the struggle with "our fam" here in NYC, and I want you to bark at the Arab (sweating Saturn, which is another Kemetic establishment) and those other fucks who don't acknowledge THE UNIVERSE WAS ALREADY MAPPED OUT~BY US EGYPTIANS ~ AT THE TEMPLE OF DENDERA. The white man does not want to tell the masses THE BIBLE SAYS THERE'S NO MORE SPACE FOUND FOR THEM IN HEAVEN meaning we're almost at the point of accomplishing GOD'S mission of cleansing the heavenly body of Evil….AND EVERY MAN WHOSE PART OF HIS KINGDOM SHALL GO BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY (see Isiah 13 to tell the tell tbat WE ALL COME FROM ORHER PLANETS, and the Whiteman is homeless when it's all said and done by the power of the Almighty Pharaoh, our Father!) Let the kids know!! Peace ✌

  9. General Seti has studied under and recieved DIRECT scholarship from 2 GREAT GRANDMASTER scholars (Dr. Ben & Dr. Clark)…he has traveled to Africa and Egypt numerous times. HE – IS – A – SCHOLAR….and the Hebrews are jailhouse, sidewalk nikkaz trying to use MYTHOLOGY to sound deep & educated. NO CONTEST

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