September 20, 2023
SELF POWERED TV - A Zimbabwean inventor Mr Maxwell Chikumbutso’s latest invention. WATCH

SELF POWERED TV – A Zimbabwean inventor Mr Maxwell Chikumbutso’s latest invention. WATCH. Visit his website for more of …


35 thoughts on “SELF POWERED TV – A Zimbabwean inventor Mr Maxwell Chikumbutso’s latest invention. WATCH

  1. If this is real then release the technology to everyone on the planet or his fate will be the same as every other great suppressed scientific breakthrough. That would be a big miss for humanity

  2. Apparently he was poisoned in the USA and they sent 5 Mexican hit men to kill him. White people hate it when black people come up with things. Soon some white guy will patent this and he will go down in history as the first to ever do it

  3. The right discovery for the rural areas of the whole world. If it works on cars and tv, that means it can be used in Fridges and all electric items. Saves us from oil and gas. It can be used on any electronic devices so to speak. I feel that, there is no need to follow the crowd, now is the right time to move forward individually and save our planet. The whole world is in crisis because few thought they own and control how we live our lives. Sell the products locally and then move Internationally.

  4. So when is this tv or any electronic can be for sale ,we need this things is so expensive to live and not paying for this electric bills can truely help us.

  5. The question is "what is used to generate the radio waves" ? I am curious of this. People say that he defies the laws of physics but that's not true. He is clearly using knowledge of them electromagnetic spectrum in his inventions. He is tapping into and using radio waves being generated by all these cell towers. All these are powered by electricity. So, his device must be using the concept of " Induced EMF" or something similar. All physics. Brilliant.

  6. Wow imagine if this can power homes. If this is real then the world is truley evil to hold this man back instead of partner with him to improve all because of greed is an ultimate sin. This could be one of the planets most impactful inventions

  7. Ha ha yes self povered by bateries that are put inside of tv.
    This poor man is one of 10000 con man with so saled free energy device .
    If this is posible it would be patented or in a beter whay explaind and given free to the world .
    Free device would be given for free as Nicola Tesla intended.

  8. The only way to protect himself is to share the technology with those who will actually use it for humanity and not patent it just start making the devices let’s go

  9. They already tried to kill him he has to make the technology open source they will not patent these inventions .let’s set up factory to create all his inventions and start selling them around the world he will make billions so he can continue to create

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