September 22, 2023
#Seti #SolConsciousnessTV Heated Debate: Sara Suten Seti vs Zion Lexx Moses and the torah

29 thoughts on “#Seti #SolConsciousnessTV Heated Debate: Sara Suten Seti vs Zion Lexx Moses and the torah

  1. Yawn, nothing I hate more in the entire world is when a nigga put his mind to one side and start to quote from a book about life in the here an now, niggas is quoting some fkin garbage like it's a reality, dumb shyt

  2. Sa Neter ask the nigga a question & this nigga went straight into the Narmer palate & it's at that point I gave to stop this foolishness, I can't listen to these religious nigroes can't stand not one

  3. Lying Lex. Narma is a man killin people. Lying Lex believe god of the bible says to celebrate the killing of African first born son for passover. Big difference. He deflect too much. Israelites need to acknowledge that Israel on the African plate is offering $8,600.00 a head for black immigrants. Hunting them down for a fee. As of today. 1/30/3019

  4. Lex need to walk away from this like he did when Jabari had his silly ass on the ropes. He got mad and started disrespecting Jabari house and ran out. 😝😝😝

  5. Listen to this Stupid dumb shit Elliot says. " A mechanism to wash away everything that came before them….?" The Bible ( old testament) is an Israelite story. No need for Israel to give no more than a summary of the world before them, when the narrative is their story, a story of them. That is the first Seti stupor

  6. Nowhere in real hebrew documents that say god wrote the Torah. Torah says the scribes pens wtote the Torah. Seti has issues with his own gross misunderstanding of Yhwh and Torah. Yhwh is NOT GOD, God is an Anglo Saxon word, a contraction of Goda and Godan aka Odin. That is not the Afro Asiatic Yhwh or Elohim. Europen translations from hebrew interloped and interpolated Nordic paganism that Angers Seti into their English bibles. Hebrew is Afro Asiatic. Yhwh and Elohim deals with Existence and/or Being and Strenght/ Power. Somthing not of the likes of his Anglo or English only understanding of God ( Godan). Watch Seti one day mention God is Odin. He got that from here today. Wake UP Elliot sir

  7. Sara Suten Seti made an excellent point, very smart brother! Zion Lexx you are smart but take a step back and learn from your brother SETI. I agree the Bible is written by man from man. I really don’t see God in it. All the killing and slavery of black people in it. I don’t agree with the text. It’s a white man agenda to keep black people in slave for ever (in slave the mind). I wish this debate was longer.

  8. Does the Moderator KNOW WHAT A DEBATE IS(?) I wanted to here the Brother answer when SETI brought up The Chronological Order of The 70 Some Odd Pharaohs. And how That Civilization NEVER ENDED!!!!!!! Sure anybody with COMMON SENSE can see that was a SERIOUS FEAT TO JUSTIFY NOT ALONE DEBUNK 😌 But the Moderator on here Playing CHEERLEADER.

  9. Lion lexx playing a tit for tat game….he has no answer about the Canaan situation…well I'm going to bring up the namer pallet….seti has him caught bcuz Israel Israel Hebrew secretly was dealing with people from the steppes…fact…

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