Presents: ‘Sha-Ka [IB2: ‘Inspired By Tupac’] The True Story Behind the Music & The Man, Pt 1′

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Sha-Ka [IB2: ‘Inspired By Tupac’] The True Story Behind the Music & The Man, Pt 2

*SHAKKA-AHMOSE gives a remarkably clear and lucid ‘look behind the scenes’ at the development of events and circumstances that led him to create a remarkable body of work as it relates to his music catalogue, particularly that music created as a direct result of the visceral impact of Tupac’s music upon him, hence the title ‘IB2: Inspired By Tupac’ (about as honest a title if there ever was one). In this rare Docu-Interview, Sha-ka [aka Shakka-Ahmose] fully embraces the profound impact Tupac’s music had on him (beginning in 1997), and his own special relationship to that music, and the impact it had on his life and his musical undertakings. With profound and rich insight, as only someone with a past as ‘rich’ and as varied as ‘Sha-ka’s’, the viewer is brought ‘all the way in’ to experiences, coincidences and shared phenomena (interestingly enough) that makes this story, it’s teller and the music that influenced him, as well as the music created by him, just that much more relevant, particularly to those capable of appreciating the extent to which Tupac did indeed influence the world, not only with his music, but with his very presence; In this Docu-Interview you get to see *AND HEAR that influence, perhaps as you never imagined you could or would. If ‘imitation’ is the highest form of flattery, as it has often been touted to be, then perhaps when executed with real and genuine talent (as in this case), it’s also the highest expression of… respect & adoration. If a person is to be judged on a job well done and executed proficiently, Sha-ka may just as well, have carved out a place for himself, in the coveted history of rap music, however ‘unusual’ that place might be (think of the rapper ‘Shyne’ and his likeness to Biggie). Watch it for yourself, *LISTEN for yourself, judge for yourself and ultimately ENJOY IT for yourself… and perhaps you too may give life to any one of your inspirations proving that beautiful things never, really… truly die.

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” Good-bye to the Bed-wettas,
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Shakka-Ahmose ๐“€ [aka ‘Sha-Ka’]

“Thank you Tupac, when I was at my lowest and at my loneliest, your music made it all bearable,
and thank you Treach for extending friendhship to me even after you heard my music, that could not have been easy, but you did. I will always respect you for that.”
Shakka-Ahmose [aka. ‘Sha-Ka’]


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