December 1, 2021


  1. Love you Seti you make me more than proud to be black you make me feel divine walking through this world even in this un natural system. i can’t imagine how we would all feel if we were living natural how we are suppose to how our ancestors living or even how the tribe on the sentinel islands live who still hasn’t integrated we would feel like the gods we are foreal foreal. and i bet there isn’t anything stopping the tribes in the andamanese from their consciousness ascending to the next level after death the ones that are completely disconnected from the indian people and western world n all they know is their spirituality and their ancestors there isn’t a religion or the thoughts of their bad decision and regrets in life holding them back from moving on to what is next and being guided by their ancestors there isn’t a religion to steal their energy or their soul and place it into a realm that is made up by some european only a few thousand years ago we can all create our own realities or follow the steps of the ancestors and the people who created religion are aware of that that’s why they constructed heaven and hell to trap billions of people through out the ages and bring their consciousness to the world they created after death. that’s how i feel.

  2. They've mapped the brain and learned how to tap into the "Archetype of the collective unconcious". The only people immune to this type of attack are those with higher brain functions i.e. those expressing Djedi or Jedi skills. Even in the book of Daniel, the early rulers new that if captured the leaders, the others could be easily controlled. For further study, I would suggest looking into HAARP mind control here on YouTube to confirm every Seti is speaking on.

  3. Maybe that's why they promote non alkaline foods so that they can eat there food and we get sick eating bullshit food they have all the grocery stores on lock selling nothing but junk

  4. Well hinduism has been practised for well over 40,000 years there are temples in India dating back 32,000 years. With wall carvings dating back even prior to that, so unless the plagiarism was 40,000 years ago It didn't happen. You don't need to attack other civilisations to make your point. Hindu civilisation never invaded anyone or attacked anyone. It's also the only ancient civilisation still going to this day.

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