September 17, 2021

38 thoughts on “She Moved to Tanzania at 52?! | Interview With African American Moving to Africa

  1. You guys are so aspirational. As an African diaspora from Tanzania in the US I salute you for your diligence and perseverance. You are great family, raise your kids on the motherland. Will keep watching your growth in Tanzania.

  2. As an African American, Its good to relearn the African way to integrate into the local society. I wished all African Americans can experience the continent or maybe the United States Senate and Politicians can sign a law for complusory visit to Africa by African Americans

  3. This is a great interview. I was wondering why if someone repatriates to Tanzania why they can't get a job there. Do they have work visas for foreigners or do you have to be citizen in order to get a job there?

  4. Tanzania is truly a blessed country with natural resources and most importantly peace. It’s definitely one of the BEST countries on the continent to be right now.

  5. August 12th a special date for me. It is the born day of my father. This morning I've heard this date about 3 times. Congratulations on your move to the continent!

  6. PRAISE Yahweh. I love what you are lead to do for those coming back. I pray I will be able to help and be apart of this new healing journey. Will be they in Sept. Please let know how I can reach you all.

  7. Great interview. Congratulations to you both on your successful transitions. Peace and Blessings from The Most High. I saw your husband in Shoppers Mbezi not long ago. Keep up the great work.

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