The Black Flag (2015): Filmed in the trenches as bullets fly overhead, Majed Nesisi’s camera follows the Shi’a volunteer forces fighting against IS in Iraq.

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Shi’a Muslims all over Iraq took up arms to combat the spread of ISIS. Bullets ricochet in this uncompromising frontline report on the under-equipped but determined volunteers fighting to rescue their country.

“Behind every tree there were ISIS snipers, it was like a symphony of death”, says Iranian filmmaker Majed Neisi. Armed only with his camera, Neisi advances on ISIS stronghold and hotbed of extremism Jorf-al-Shakur, ducking explosions and enemy snipers. The Shia army lack funds and sophisticated weaponry, and this film tracks their assault every step of the way. Neisi’s camera provides a first-hand glimpse into the horrors of combat.

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