September 17, 2021

38 thoughts on “Ship or sell everything before moving to Africa?

  1. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion this is the problem with many people from the West holding on to superficial things to define us. People aren't considering that it could cost $10,000 to ship that does not include picking up your items from the port once it arrives and transporting as you said. I am not tied to the material things of this world when I come home to Mother Africa it will be without superficial baggage.

  2. I understand that prices are more expensive for the same items when bought in African countries. If an eventual return to U.S. for example is possible, it would be VERY expensive to have to buy all of those items again because sellers will never get much money for most used items.

  3. If Ghana has selection of good vehicles and a good aftermerket parts scene, i.e. wheels body kits and things like that, I will only ship my clothes. But if they don't, then I will ship my car as well. Do you know about the aftermarket additions that can be added to your vehicle?

  4. Hello again. Listen I was kind of thinking about bringing the vans to help in fast startups. Tractor and Loader for the unpaved roads situation. Help with initially turning over the ground. And the vehicle year allowed without all the expenses and tax.
    I would not bring furnishings. Although larger appliances are more expensive to buy there as I understand it.

    However, I would weigh the costs. If it's going to cost me the same by the time I ship it…. it's just not worth it.
    Thanks again.

  5. Well Bro , I generally agree with most of your views and your insights are usually on point, however on this topic I disagree with selling everything and just buying most of my possessions in my destination country… nevertheless I always look forward to your videos and will continue to watch….thanks again and keep up the good work….

  6. The taxes you will pay and time spent could be directed into investing into the locals to get what you are looking for. The less interaction I need to get "my stuff" then the better. I am a on the go person so I can definitely relate to this video. I'm a lady but I own few clothes. I know how to travel light and do my things. I have saved so much money doing the minimum.πŸ€­πŸ˜‚ I like to enjoy life too much. Daniel I won't fight you brother even if you make little errors in information or don't know something. You are only human. We all make errors it's just we can see when you do yours publicly. So we should have mercy on you and help each other. 😘

  7. Brother about the only thing I would ship world be a very good car made for the roads. If it was a car I know everything about and I couldn't part with it. Otherwise I'm not shipping anything else because everything is on the continent. And as far as appliances they will already be converted in the country of choice. The furniture will be made for that particular environment. What I'm trying to say is that you will most likely get the best because you will see how locals are able to live and how they make themselves comfortable and you can find all standards. You have range from minimalist to luxurious. The continent has it all. You can even purchase things from neighboring countries and have things made. I hope I make sense. I like your logic brother. Well said.

  8. For starters, renting a portable moving container is much cheaper than hiring a professional moving company. … In general, renting a moving container for a long distance move tends to cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 per month…In saying this i too would sell almost everything and be done.

  9. Hello it's Queen Jill I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff household goods etc I will be relocating to Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ before years end however I have some items not huge ones but I need to send those ahead of me what's the best way to send them?

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