November 26, 2022

20 thoughts on “Shock as Nine African Countries Indebted to the UN Lose Their Voting Rights

  1. Any country that belongs to the UN 🇺🇳, and is facing conflict or sanctions should remove themselves from the UN because they have failed to protect and look after your countries needs as that’s what they purpose is. Follow who the main contributors are namely the US and China. African leaders please leave this and strengthen your our own AU

  2. Why are our leaders paying this organizations while our people lack health facilities. Has the un ever asked those west companies whom don't pay taxes in many African countries to stop exploiting us. Never.!!honestly they own as much more from the colonies time.
    When will our leaders wakeup .

  3. "The BIBLE" Greatest Book Ever Written.
    Last Days Prophesy!
    Babylon The Great (America) has Fallen.
    All Praises To The Most High and his Son.

    ELOHIM Vengeance Is Upon America The Wicked!!!

  4. They should pay up and they don’t need the United Nations. They are just being funny. The money they owe is too little. For example $6000 I’m sure is less than the monthly salary of members of Parliament.

  5. Africa Nations should exit UN. It's not in anyway beneficial to Africans, so why are you forcing yourself on an organization that has nothing to offer you or your people?

  6. I think they should pay up and African should just leave the UN. i also think africa should also ban the chinese government from mining and other country that are mining in DRC. I think africa should start building itself from the ground up since we have all we need. I also think africans should give a chance to young leaders because most old war veterans are corrupt and fucking us up…..yea i know most of the stuff was part of the topic but i just wanted to let it out

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