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Portland Riots daily between Portland PD, Marshalls and more and ANTIFA/BLM. Courthouse has been vandalized leading to more Police being deployed.

Blue lives matter rallies have been held for their supporters to show their respect for the police.

Nick Cannon got cancelled for being racist – As did Claude from AFTV – Is Cancel Culture getting out of hand?

New york has seen record high crime and waves of violence.
NYPD Has had their Police departments budget cut despite this.

Seattle has no made any major changes after CHAZ got tore down.

Protests are breaking out all around the world currently from Iran, China, Serbia, America, Russia and Ethiopia as well as many more countries around the world. There have been many various different reasons for their protests.

Blacklivesmatter protests have still been hitting states strong but definitely passing a lot since last month.
Riots in America seemed to have taken up a large amount of states resources in which the democratic states have applied for federal relief. In some cases they have been denied by Trump.

Reports of Russian Protests breaking out against Putin.
Tensions also heating up with countries.

In uk from 24th July it will be made mandatory to wear a mask in stores.

Riots and protests grip America after well over a month now, There has been shootings in Atlanta almost every day yet Democrats still call for the Defund the police movement to carry on.
Minneapolis have pledged to defund a large amount of their police force

Texas, Dakota, Washington.

Tik tok has been banned in India and America are looking into it.
Biden vs Trump 2020 Elections will happen soon.

KSI, W2S Sidemen all are funny i guess.
Reported that people have stopped playing Fifa 20.


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