May 22, 2022

46 thoughts on “Shocking Scenes in South Africa as Khoisan King Arrested for Planting Traditional Herbs

  1. The south Africa corporation operating on the Land have no Right to tell the Original People of the Land what to do to Mother Earth, the Land (Mother) belongs to them, and they have more Right than any government. It is Common sense, that is why they don't teach You Common Law, Nature's Law, jurisprudence, Constitution.

  2. Useless Admin trying to push his or her agenda or narratives… your headline is misleading and you are not explaining anything at all the the people, those people planted those plants at the Union Buildings South Africa State house which is illegal by the Republic Laws..

    You Africans you like sending bad tag statements about South Africa your hate, Jealousy and envyness is so disgusting I just wonder

  3. This is just an eye blind to remove them from the site. They have been there for many months and ramaphosa wont meet with them. Lots of cops there, but wait , they sent lots of cops to sort out the surfers at the beach. Meanwhile our woman and children get raped and crime is out of hand. What a laughing stock our police force is.

  4. They Stole South African's Best Lands and now they want to keep the native healing and medicinal plants so that they can patent them by mixing them with their synthetic chemicals and then sell it back to the natives. This Rubbish must stop. NO MORE! These people are given way too much authority on African's soil. They only have money and authority because of all of the resources they've stolen from Africa. They come and go and do as they please and they need to be kicked out. Say YES to traditional African herbs. Say NO to synthetic drugs and poisonous sterilization vaccines. One Love 💘. One Africa. Africa for Africans. Africa's Resources for Africans.

  5. They should leave them alone since they let the criminals run free. Crime has increased to this state coz of the police accepting bribes as some being criminal themselves selling drugs.

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 these guys planted the weed at Union Buildings 🤣🤣🤣 I'm a fan man. These guys are dope. Che skyf 😂😂😂

  7. What you don't overstand is you are still under the pinks Zionist stooges of Europe what has changed do you still think you are independent is not time the majority of you wake up in black Africa why are the majority of you still sleeping

  8. If you don't not see the agenda and the narrative that is being pushed in this video, no one will go to any parliament garden in any of these African countries and begin to plant whatever they want – let's stop lying to ourselves. Unfortunately we are in a phase in this country where people think lawlessness and destruction is the way to go and unfortunately most often the marginalized are being used by a selective few to drive their selfish agendas and interests starting with that looting and etc etc – and if we do not check ourselves we run a risk of destroying this country further to the ground instead of finding a way of uprooting the things that are destroying the nation and with everyone flocking here, we will only have no one but ourselves to blame when the country is fully destroyed as we will have nowhere else to run to because even everywhere else in the world our melanin is looked upon with disdain. I had high expectation about this chanel to post things with context but I won't say I am surprised – sensationalism of SA brings traffic especially from the rest of African audience, just make sure to watch all ads too as you comment – let the chanel dig oohh. Praying for a united South Africa, one mind and one goal and being aware that the devourer is always busy plotting and looking for the weakest points to pounce on, with our history one would think we would know better but alas "cry the beloved country" we are becoming our own worst enemies starting from those in government

  9. They should have never been able to plant at the Union buildings in the first place, so this is just a big fuss, didn't warrent an arrest but removal from a public building. Draconian measures are not necessary + there's plenty other serious crimes that need attention. Why waste our time on this trivial pursuits 😂😂

  10. There is no Khoi San king. The notion of kings in southern Africa was introduced by Nguni speaking peoples (and branches) who migrated from northern parts of Africa – around Cameroon. This man should have known that currently South Africa's laws are colonial in orientation around cannabis and protect the alcoholics industry. Alcohol and disinformation are the system's primary tools for maintaining economic apartheid and the privileges' of the few black beneficiaries. Or, if his actions were intention, he sends a clear message.

  11. I stopped at Jesus. How doest it makes sense? Your ancestrality gave you those healing practices.

    Jesus came to destroy it and you're STILL preaching him… for what?

  12. People I feel for you, your dirty government get away with allot, For plants. When do we poor people around the world start standing up for our rights and freedoms, we are more then them. Dirty F'en pigs dirty dirty people. Tell to wash them self they stink like dog poo.

  13. The is no such thing as khoisan and also what the hell is a South african king? And lastly those people are just racist coloureds you should hear the things they say about black south africans and are deputy whites. I say well done to the police.

  14. At first I was alarmed that the world's elites had taken another stab at the people's health and freedom. We need natural herbs in abundance now more than ever, but if they plant illegal without authorization on government property, they're wrong. Simple! Please give honest truth in news. Correct me if am wrong and the land belongs to the farmers. Then I stand corrected

  15. And they take money from the rich, and they sell the people out and they give away your land and they give away your water rights and they give away your natural resources and they listen to the white man! Damn shame! Especially when the the white man is farming their own …..

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