November 26, 2022

29 thoughts on “Shocking Update on the Viral DR Congo Gold Mountain News Story

  1. The villagers found it. It’s their claim. The gold is theirs. A 10% to 15% tax for the nation would be reasonable, and let nature take its course. Let the villagers build schools, invest in education, improve local infrastructure – all with local government assistance to ensure they are fairly treated.

  2. It's annoying how wealthy in Resources the African continent is and still poor in mindset. Im convinced leaders do not want the people to be wealthy and happy. πŸ’”

  3. No to the government to collect the gold. Is the government cares? This is not right. The government should and must not take the gold from the citizens. This is insanity for the government to take that action. Wicked government.

  4. No , they have not right to stop the Congolese mining the gold, it’s their country also, not the ministers who are going to invite the enemy to come and take food of the people’s mouths. The world say we are poor, yet we feed it with our resources

  5. Instead of keeping quiet Africans always be out there yip yeping. The people in communities need to come together shut their mouths and keep digging for the gold. Ensuring government officials do not find out is something good. They all know how corrupt Congo governments are they are not there to benefit the people.

  6. Oh damn! The greed for wealth is what twists the hearts of people. All should work together to ensure that the gold is mined in a manner that ensures the most safety for the local miners working. The wealth that is mined should be distributed to the most needy first. And if this land belongs to the locals, according to the governing property laws in Congo, then it is they whom should decide how the wealth from the gold is distributed evenly amongst the local land owners. No other people from adjacent Countries, nor from global corporations should be allowed to mine their. I'm sure the local communities will spend their wealth wisely on better infrastructure to improve their own quality of life. That is my opinion, and is certainly the way it is supposed to get done in my own Country. However, I'm afraid the greed that twists the hearts of men, as well as, the positions of power that corrupts the powerful, is as much an obstacle for the local communities in my (free) Country as it is described here. Thanks you accepting my comment.

  7. Why would anybody be surprised they took the mine back from the common people. You know as soon as word got out about the site the multinationals would instantly swoop in and force the Congolese govt to turn it over to them, the greedy bastards! You think they're going to compensate the locals for any gold they turn over? Not a chance!

  8. Why why why. This Great discovery was made by the people of their Mother Land.For centuries Our people have been robbed. The Ancestors helped with this discovery. Its Really unfair to remove the people from taking what belongs to them. The Governments should be supportive in Giving back the rights to All Africans to claim this Heavenly Gift & Blessings. Anyone that tries to stop this from happening. Is THEE WORST KIND OF BEING. Governments has the right & position to DO RIGHT by THE PEOPLE πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ•‰βœŠπŸΎβœŠπŸΎβœŠπŸΎ

  9. The government has no rights to the lands.
    The people do have all the rights.
    Governments can not be trusted for they sell out to foreign interest.
    They do not Respect National Interests other than their own and that of the puppet masters.

  10. Thats some fuck shit! I hope they have gotten all the gold out of their. Cause now that government is going to give it to White people or Chinese and say fuck the people. May God empty that mine and the government sell to the next theives nothing but dirt. Amen!

  11. He knows what he should've done which is restore order and then allow through order the residents to mind with better control a little group at a time for so many hour and so on. But we all know what it means when these poor people were ordered to stop don't we. I hope the government enjoys selling this mind to the rich as usual.

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