August 17, 2022

28 thoughts on “Shocking Videos of Africans Fleeing the Ukraine War being Refused Entry to Poland

  1. These Europeans killed Ghaddaffi who loved Africa. These Europeans supported Apartheid in Africa and now they are doing it again in Israel.

  2. All those nazis that pulled guns on the students need to be killed by Russia. Americans, Ukrainians, and Polish will cover it up or justify. They love nazis. I'm glad Puitin is killing you nazis.

  3. After this treatment, we should keep quiet in what is not our business, this is an insult. A very big insult, so our Aim is to position ourselves where they place us. We are not going to voice for this matter except for the blacks people. Thank you.

  4. And in Africa there can still be people who organized themselves to treat Africans with contempt, to represent suffering to Africans. in Africa.

    It is terrible.

  5. I have written to the AU and UN a letter explaining my outrage on the subject of our African brothers and sisters being ostracized and racially abused by the Ukrainians and I Implore all of you to do the same and reach out to the aforementioned organizations in the hopes to get our citizens back home safe and sound.

    There have been videos posted on you-tube, showing the appalling way African citizens are being treated in the midst of the senseless Russian war on Ukraine. These videos posted by 2nacheki channel, show the disregard for our people and the blatant abuse of young African students and Nationals who are simply trying to get to safety. To my dismay, it seems that nothing is being done to help them get out of the country. Though some have been able to flee, there are still a huge number of Africans who are currently stuck in Ukraine. Our African brothers and sisters have been pushed out of trains and buses leaving for neighboring borders/safety. Some of them are being held at gunpoint by Ukrainian forces for simply being black and this needs to stop!
    Millions of Jewish people were subjugated to this type of treatment in the beginning of WWII in Nazi Germany. They were ostracized and their human rights were stripped away simply because of their race. I don't need to draw more comparisons to emphasize how dire the situation has gotten. I implore you to please take action before it is too late.
    I know that some heads of states and other African country leaders have pleaded their case as well as voiced their concerns and have called out the racial injustices taking place during these difficult times, but as an African myself living in Finland, I can no longer stand by and watch my continental brothers and sisters being ostracized in this manner, which is why I have decided to reach out to you, the African Union. Please, let's reunite our African families and make sure that the parents and siblings of those denied safety by the Ukrainians are brought back home safe and sound.

  6. Last I checked, there are no black Russians so why are the Ukrainians pointing guns at them? If Putin is committing war crimes against Ukrainians then Ukrainians are committing war crimes against a race that has nothing to do with this war. This is exactly how the Jewish people were treated in Nazi Germany. This needs to stop at once!

  7. So what I actually see is a group of predominantly young, big and healthy males screaming obscenities and rioting at armed military trying to evacuate its citizens that are mostly women and children, whose fathers and husbands form chains to protect them from being dragged out of trains by those rioters, in foreign country, that is being invaded and indiscriminately bombed by vastly stronger country known for its brutality towards civilians and on top of that is under martial law. Do you even realise how extremely lucky they are to still be alive? You know they could just straight up shoot them for that kind of aggressive and hostile behaviour towards ARMED MILITARY IN COUNTRY UNDER MARTIAL LAW. How are they mistreated? How are Ukrainians racist? Are you actually that stupid? 🤦‍♀️

  8. Shocking is THAT THEY HAVE MAKE A FAKE DILLEMA TO GET INTO EUROPE EU as otherwise they were stuck on migrant papers in Ukraine. DONT BELEIVE WHAT YOU SEE AS NOBODY WAS HURT and racism is everywhere including USA UK Canada South Africa etc etc. Moral of the story that was their chance to cross the border.

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