September 16, 2021

41 thoughts on “Should African Americans Move to Africa?

  1. 15:58 I know what he's talking about. African Americans are black like Africans, yes. But the way we hold our being together is different due to being developed in America. It's very subtle and Natives see it.

  2. Peace & love family! I love yall's content about Africa, but I want to address something:

    @ 7:39 , you mentioned the "silliness" of making offerings to ancestors because theyre deceased. Now if modern christianity genuinely brings you peace & spiritual alignment, keep doing it, i really mean that , but @7:39 youre spreading misinformation here about other systems based on misunderstanding. This might be a lil long, just a heads up.

    In those systems with ancestor veneration, death is a temporary state & the "dead" rebirth into another form later, so veneration is used to help bring their soul peace before theyre reborn into a more corporeal form again. if their mind isnt at peace before rebirth, they could potentially rebirth into a type of hell. Thats why people use offerings of old things that the deceased liked because those things soothe their spirit while their spirit is still "suspended". Its the same mechanic behind how you have nightmares if your mind is disturbed. sleep & death are very similar processes in regards to how consciousness operates & what consciousness experiences in certain modalities.

    Rebirth is an extremely important concept to understand before spreading info about these other systems. and rebirth was actually an important part of early Christianity too before Emporer Justinius banned it & the New European Orthodox church then used that ban to turn Christianity into something where they collected "indulgences" (aka, money) by telling people "us preachers are responsible for your salvation, not you, so pay us or youll go to hell". Literally. This is why the Protestant Reformation happened. Taking rebirth out the equation is essentially what gave the Church its money & power (aside from them killing everybody that had different beliefs in the Crusades).

    I know that was long, but I just wanted to address that. Hope yall staying safe out here! Be blessed! Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. Hey, so just a few things. Firstly respect to you following the israelite faith. That works for you and that's cool. Looking down on others on different spiritual paths is disrespectful though. We as Africans are spiritual beings on different spiritual journeys. No path is the same so please be respectful.

    "Giving homage to those who are deceased"? I'm assuming you're talking about Ancestors? Again, we're on different paths. Africans would argue that our Ancestors are very much living and there's no such thing as death. Look into Ancient African spiritual systems with an open mind and not a judgmental one.

    "Karma is biblical law"? Once again this is arrogance when you don't do enough spiritual research and think your way is the right way. What you give back comes back to you. This is actually the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.The Universal Laws have stood the test of time and have been here WAY before the bible. I would encourage you to be more mindful on what you say and how it will affect those to whom you speak. Good day

  4. Ban Holiday Shopping or Buy Black Only.
    When we spend, we give the "white power structure" a payday and what better way to do it than to make us THINK we're catching a crazy sale but what we're really doing is emptying our pockets and lining theirs. Time to shut shit down. Let's turn our BLACK dollars into our POWER. I challenge you. Pass it on.

  5. 21:00
    Never seen a dirt road in her life. Maybe in cities like Hollowed, Dallas, and more. But there are dirt roads and even old looking cities in the United States too. Many Africans will never believe that cities like these exist in the United States of America. Americans living in trailer homes with no decent Bathrooms. I have seen all these driving semi trucks through the 48 states. A lot in the southern states of the USA.

  6. Kan America Has spoiled up to the maximum,
    Has spoiled us so bad until we know no culture about ourselves and where we come from where we’ve been or where we’re going..we got to get back to the Most High and what HE has had for us all along..
    Truly my family and I Can’t wait until we are released from TMH to make this movement… Thank you guys keep doing what you are doing..Peace Love Blessings and Safety Family Shalom 💕❤️🤎🥰🤴🏾👸🏾🙏🏾✌🏾👈🏾

  7. Big up brothern and sistern, i am a Tanzanian and i am happy to see that you honor the root, the transition period to the adaptation will be smooth, because both of you are humble and you seem to be ready to integrate , learning swahili will be easy if you mix with the local people on dairly basis….have you been to the country side to have different experience???.. I highly recommend this, but do it imitating the locals not as tourist this will play on your favour!!!

  8. Beautiful chocolate Africans. This girl is real beauty. Africa is the future, the earlier the better. All the best of luck to those African wishing to relocate in any country in Africa. Hope y'all find ur transition smooth. One love from Fajara, The Gambia.

  9. I'd like to thank you both for your transparency. Everyone always speak of multiple streams of income and you actually gave the heads up about TEFL courses. I'm currently pursuing my TEFL certification to have a sustainable income!

  10. See my husband entertained the idea of going to Africa because I feel like he didnt think it was gonna happen. Now he see me hustling and saving money, and researching so we can go to Tanzania is September and he gettin scurred lol! Nah bro I'm already in Africa in my mind it's a done deal! Jehovah willing we will be there soon!

  11. My husband and i are starting to do research i just decided to look at this video while he is doing some business but can i ask you a question or email you a question about our business?

  12. And bro let me tell you something there is no such a thing that one can see you as American unless you speak English…. if you were good in swahili broh with your dreads you could even stay in deep Tanzanian villages

  13. 😂😂😂😂😂
    They are probably starring at your husband's hair style. But we Tanzanians, do tend to stare a lot. To foreigners and each other. It's not considered rude. In America on the other hand, you stare at someone, you get the middle finger.

  14. Greetings and thanks for that honest discussion. Just a suggestion may next time you do a live have Question and Answer session from your subscribers. We can post our questions in chats. It is okay to quote scriptures as you are led, you never whose life you are reaching! Shalom peace and blessings from a Sis in UKKK😂

  15. I enjoyed you leading the praise song when Mark came at your house. I sensed that both of you are Yahweh-fearing people. That’s exciting to see you not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus! Thank you.

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