October 19, 2021

32 thoughts on “Should Black People Consider Moving To South America Over Africa? w/ Islam

  1. Sitting here with my ex-husband (we are great friends) who is Afro-Colombian and he is cringing at this interview. Said he is elated you didn't mention the town he is from and he is making sure his sisters and all their friends are hip to desires of American men traveling to Colombia. He also said Colombian women do not exists to be your sex slaves nor maids…please leave Colombian women alone.

  2. The guy in the pick shirt is a damn fool. Racism and colourism is a major issue in Latin America. Afro-Latinos have it rough and they've stories about being discriminated, denied jobs, harassed by police, followed by security in a mall etc. Most of these black men from the US travel and reside in Latin America for sex. They don't care about the social inequality Afro-Latinos face on a daily basis. You don't see them trying to help out the homeless and help build schools for disadvantage children. All a black man want is to spend his hard lear money in Latin America for an orgasm.

  3. "What is the difference between colorism and racism?"
    "Um…er,ahhhhh. Hmmm.. " TILT!!!!!
    Cant and WONT admit the truth. … A lot of black folks have a real problem with the truth and the harsh reality of our situation this planet..

  4. Panama is actually a pretty good country for Black people. Colombia is okay , very large Black presence . I would say we should do both Africa and S America we are a global people . I would love to be in both Colombia and Nigeria.

  5. Actually bro, I think we should focus more on the Caribbean then say South America or honestly even Africa as a whole. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on say developing a nation state in the Islands instead. A prosperous Jamaica or Haiti is much more attainable and something that can realistically be built up in our lifetimes. Plus we really wouldn't have as much of a cultural disconnect. Now i'm not saying we abandon the US or anything like that just that it be nice to have a backup.

  6. I'm not gonna lie this sounds the same shit just a different toilet. I'm not willing to go to South America just to be considered less than by Spanish speaking Eurasians. My eyes remain set on Afrika.

  7. Europeans and Asians everyone else what their claws on the minerals in Africa and would rather African-American stay away from Africa we're more shrewd in our Judgment of Europeans and non-african. Politically and regulation wise they will make it a path of least resistance.

  8. The term Black is an adjective which is a decriptive word and not the proper Noun which denotes people places or things. MOOR is a Noun(not talking religion here or joining anything at all) and the correct name for so called black, african american people etc.. And in any case why use a term that takes away our birth rights, our legal standing/status and denies us our true history, we need to stop calling ourselves out of our names using these christian coded terms(legally speaking) which through targeted paper genocide has defeat and dishonoured or people in every way and in every day reality, our history, our births rights and legal standing in Law(this is where white privilidge exists)..Black (the term placed on us) in a blacks law dictionaries legal definition is 'Civil liter mortus,english:dead in the eyes of law hence we see so many dubious and very questionable outcomes in areas like police brutality and out right racism in Amercan (Michael Brown etc etc) to say the least.
    Nothing will come for us until we realise the importants of this and change our state of mind..
    please help your subscribers here, please.

  9. Look I know we all LOVE Africa and all but some of us cannot go all the way to Africa. The brother is right. I have never been to Colombia HOWEVER I lived in Latin America as a child and raised children there. My teens could walk down the street and come home late without me panicking. The police were our neighbors, cousins with our friends, etc. If you do the right thing noone bothers you. You are safe in most places because you are BLACK! People invite you over, they will take care of you when you need them, help with your children, etc. My teens were traumatized when they moved to ATL because the police force is so intense here. In Latin America if someone touches your child you beat their ass and the police will laugh and say thats what they get! I say travel. I think most are right. The infrastructure where black are at sucks! Just like here and WORST. However, cheaper tickets and its down the street. I am interested in doing business there. Also ppl lie or are misinformed when they say there are plenty of white folks in Latin America. My husband is from Panama and first time seeing white ppl in 1989 during the invasion and after that never seen white ppl. I only seen white ppl during tourist season and it was strange. It depends on where you live!!!! It is segregation in most places. Frfr. #ijs lol

  10. Blacks that are interested in building and that have business skills would be better off in Africa. Those blacks that head to these white countries in South America are mainly going there to chase ass. You are leaving one racist country to go to another racist country. This does not make sense to a productive person because they don't want anything blocking their progress. Look at those brothers that go to brazil, hardly any of them are doing anything but chasing ass.

  11. I'm sorry but exactly why should black people take their black dollars to latin america a white run continent no different than the US over africa which is their ancestral homeland

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