September 18, 2021

34 thoughts on “Should Britain pay reparations to Jamaica?

  1. Man said to the woman you're living in the past! How many family members did this man have enslaved, raped and Lynched.
    Wonder if he would hold on to the past if roles where reversed

  2. You people being given the island of Jamaica 🇯🇲 was the reparation. If the British were doing things in the interest of the British people they would repatriate the africans back to the continent and reclaim the island for Britain 🇬🇧. Disregard what this woman is complaining about because it has nothing with Britain’s well being.

  3. JAMAICA, First Prove that Black Lives Matter. You are an independent BLACK nation that can't take care of its own. Revise your domestic policies to focus on achieving self sufficiency and healthier socio- economic policies. Improve the quality of life for your citizens. Why should Jamaicans TRUST their government to use REPARATIONS to repair the vestiges of slavery? You like Haiti, could be a bastion of the Caribbean Maroons; The architect of free trade with other Caribbean nations in the Diaspora. But you're a model of corruption and the drug trade; As your population continues to migrate to the West, in droves. REPARATIONS should also not be paid to Ex-Pats who abandon the county unless 100% of their funds are invested in Jamaica. Marcus Garvey is rolling over in his grave.
    Learn from Example: Namibia genocide: Descendants want German reparations, not aid – YouTube

  4. Perhaps some of the descendants of former slaves should be paying for their good fortune at their ancestors not being left in Africa, where they were captured and sold by African slave traders. What would they be doing now?

  5. Britain should seek a refund from Jamaican slavers decendents And of course Britain would return the decendents of the faulty stock upon receiving said refund.

  6. All these muppets want is to get hold of as much money as possible. They have stolen millions from their own country, keeping it poor and increasing the divide between average people and the lying politicians.

  7. No one needs to pay anyone, we are all adults; fully functioning adults! Got to be kidding me, To pay such a thing is to look down on another race, and yes some of that race see themselves as less than, thats why its hand out, rather than getting to work.

  8. Voices to be heard , sure, but if you think you'll get billions …ha ha ha ha not a chance……what happened in the past has gone way way back……where will it end, get real and solve the problems of today

  9. What about before. Inter tribal reparations for kidnapping and enslavement between tribes, before the europeans got involved? How far back do you want to go? Do we traceback to the fundamental origins of humanity, via every war, conflict and exploitation? Is there anyone alive now who was a slave trader then. Are all the descendants of slaves in the UK better off now than their counterparts in Jamaica?

  10. Hmmmm. All Jamaicans are also partly descended from slave owners. Also, the slaves were not originally taken by the British. How does one share these relative responsibilities? Does the UK also get a half(+) share of Bob Marley? What about the original Amerindian inhabitants of Jamaica? Do they get their island back? What about the Spanish who originally took the island (and renamed it Jamaica) and introduced the first slaves? This is a mess on many levels that is probably not best served by looking back.

  11. There going to get 💰💸 and so much more🙏🏿The Lord is coming for his children and he's going to kill all of there enemies .You people really need to read your Bible again Esau your time is running out 😁

  12. There only building infrastructure for their own benefit .that what the British are doing .taking advantage of the underprivileged .Britain continues to do thing .that their not proud to speak about .modern slavery is apart of their doing follow the money trail.use the poor people to do their dirty works .pick sense out of nonsense.that how it's works.

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