September 17, 2023
Should Christians Support BLACK LIVES MATTER?

47 thoughts on “Should Christians Support BLACK LIVES MATTER?

  1. Hey BEAT family, today's topic is a controversial one that has been in hot debate for some time. People feel very strongly about this topic. I pray you watch the entire video before commenting and providing input as you may be surprised at what I'm sharing in this video. I hope you find this helpful and I also ask that you share this with others who may be asking the same question.

  2. As explained by Allen, the BLM movement, by their standards and definition are not Christian based. To think so or say so is just a false narrative. This is the truth although you can believe whatever fits your agenda. Listen, to how Allen explains this and breaks down and actually reads the BLM guidelines, something that most BLM supporters DON'T do. Aside from this, I still do not think that it is appropriate to single any race out as being 'important', ie. 'matter'. I don't remember Jesus stating that he died for whites or Asians or Indians. Think of the cringe factor that would come about from the phrase "White lives matter".

  3. Thanks Protecting the public is a dangerous job. I did health & safety regulation enforcement and it was exhausting and so difficult with our culture being torn down. With the huge immigration factor the new folk didn’t appreciate or care about the nice society we live in takes rules and enforcers. I look forward to our bro and sisters being in the forefront of American society because America is not America without them.

    Subscribed. Thanks

  4. I'm a black man, raised in Indiana, home of lynchings and the Klan. So, I know all about racism. In the Spring of 2020, there were BLM signs all over my neighborhood. I put a sign on my front lawn reading All Lives Matter. Two reasons why. All live DO matter. And I got tired of waiting for Christians, or anyone else who claims to be a spiritual being, to say the RIGHT thing. Neighbors (white) who passed by called me a white supremacist and Trump supporter (not to my face) After a week or so, someone actually removed the sign from my yard. I retaliated by putting a 6 foot tall statue on my lawn. There's a sign underneath reading All Lives. No one is going to remove that. Anyone who doesn't understand that All Lives Matter is a spiritual rookie. And Christians in particular need to be ashamed of themselves for not speaking up. If Christians had taken the time to visit the BLM website, the TRUTH of that movement was right there to be known. All you people who didn't speak out against this organization were under a spell. Hopefully, by now, you've awakened.

  5. When a group supports so many satanic, anti Christian principles, you can't wear their tshirt and say I only wear it due to the slogan they created. You are advertising for all of it. It's like saying you support Nazism because they wanted a better germany, but you don't necessarily agree with all that other stuff. Furthermore, when you label yourself as an african american, especially when you weren't born in africa, you immediately create racial separation. Black men are disproportionately arrested and shot by police because they disproportionately commit more crimes and police resistance per capita. If a person has been wrongly murdered, then march in the name of the person, not their color. The best way to stop racial tensions is quit mentioning race all the time.

  6. some facts that have popped up about blm recently : over 80 million dollars in financial donations has been given to blm . there are questions on where the money has gone. george floyd's family has yet to get a dime even though blm has used his name & picture

  7. But they aren’t being disproportionately “gunned down” by white police officers. That’s where I, and many others are stuck. Does it happen? Yes. But it’s not common, and the majority of the time a victim is shot by a cop, white or black etc, they were armed and a threat to the cop.

  8. Go watch the UCLA Fowler museum interview video that two of the BLM founders: (Cullors and Abdullah) made, and this should make the answer obvious that no Christian should want anything to do with this organization. ✌🏽

  9. The Police Department support and hire homosexual officers, as well as the LGBT community, I work for the Government which is constantly trying to enforce the doctrine of acceptance to the LGBT community. I am not Advocating for the Black Lives Matter organization, but how do we support one organization as Christians who have known the wickedness and evil and axcuse the other. Black Lives Matter is not a Christian organization and neither is the Police Department and many other government organization in this country. I work every day with police officers and I know the work they do is hard, but I also see a system that is in place that protect them from being held to a higher standard when the do wrong.

  10. Just because you say support Breast Cancer research does not mean that Colon Cancer research is not just as important, as any other form of Cancer. But right now if statistics show that Breast Cancer is at an all time High and Colon Cancer is Statistically remaining the same or falling the focus is going to be on Breast Cancer. This is also the way it has always been with black lives matter the slogan. I grew up in the 60's and people were asking even then why are black people going around prostesting and shouting black power, even while living in the South. Dr. King was not a hero in the 60's to many people that today see him as a great man. Black lives Matter is a unChristian organization, one of a few civil rights organizations that was not birth out of the christian Church

  11. What I support is truth and justice as defined by God in His word.

    If a “black” individual does wrong, I want justice and growth in godliness. If an individual “white” cop is wrong, I want justice and growth in godliness.

    What I don’t want is people of a particular skin color assuming another individual is wrong or right primarily bc of the amount of melanin said person possesses.

    CRT is abhorrent to God. Racism is real, but the “racism” of CRT does more to harm the causes of equality and unity; in fact it promotes separation and seeks to make the “oppressed” the “oppressor”.

  12. More African American babies are dying at the hands of abortion doctors than police. BLM needs to stand outside of abortion clinics and shout "black lives matter". My issue with the BLM organization is it is all political. The majority of the people in the organization really don't care about black lives, because they only pop up when it involves the police. Where are they when African Americans die unjustly through other means?

  13. There’s one aspect of this video that deserve some nuance considering this is a systematic/historical issue. However, based on this video, I will no longer support this organization but I won’t stop fighting and speaking up for black lives. Thank you Pastor Parr for your Christian, critical, and unbiased lens of this topic. There are some tough things to hear but I understand being Christ-like is more important than anything!

  14. Hello, I have been viewing your work for some time now, in fact on biblical issues I go to your videos for discernment. I commend you on your work. God has blessed your ministry.

    I do question you on your “race” dialogue.”race” is never used in scripture to distinguish between people groups or national heritages. In my research of this, the term has been hijacked and weaponized to create division and victimization. Continents do not distinguish between people groups or cultures either. Africa has many different people groups and cultures. “Asian” “ African” “European” all have many different people groups and cultures and nationalities.

    Another point, “ Skin color” is also a fabrication. Our skin “color” is actually a pigmentation. Some have lighter pigment and some have darker pigment. Scientifically we are all one color, determined by genetics, just different levels of melanin.

    Also, scripture never claims any one can claim victimization. The gospel states we are all offenders. Even people in the most atrocious of circumstances. Men have committed horrors and atrocities to other men since the dawn of time, and, unfortunately will continue to do so. But No one people group can say “ I have it worse than anyone else in the world and I don’t deserve it, therefore I deserve special recognition, special treatment and partiality”. God is working all things for good, even mens atrocities.

    I point you to Dr Ken Ham’s ministry “Answers in Genesis “ , also Books and Lectures of Dr. Tomas Sowell, C. S. Lewis’ essay “ The Dangers of National Repentance “ and Dr Voddie Baucham’s book “ Fault Lines”.

    The terms “ Race” “ Racism” “ People of Color” need to be extinguished if we are going to promote harmony. We are all image bearers and undeservingly so.

    I humbly and respectfully summit these comments.

    I look forward to viewing more of your work.

    Thank you

  15. Be careful brother, if you talk to much about the alphabet community or blm you’ll get trouble on YT, I’ve seen it’s a couple of times before when YouTubers talked against alphabet community and some got banned.

  16. The movement and the organization are NOT separate from one another. The founders of the organization describe themselves as "trained Marxists" and "trained organizers". They themselves are the ones who started and organized the movement after George Zimmerman was acquitted (watch "The Trayvon Hoax" documentary on here, the entire case was a hoax to stir up racial tension). The movement is what the organization uses to fulfill their agenda and it's based on a false narrative perpetuated by the media, education system and entertainment industry. There is absolutely NO evidence to support the claim that black people are being systematically targeted by police. The facts and statistics don't support it. Videos can also be incredibly deceiving. So no, Christians definitely shouldn't support BLM. It's a divisive movement that is based on lies and it's sole purpose is to destroy the American system and usher in a communist regime.

  17. Isn't it a Marxist organization? I'm asking because when they first were on the scene, online they had a lot of Marxist data, later it was removed. Just Asking!

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