September 18, 2021

43 thoughts on “Should Museums Return Their Stolen Objects? | Empires of Dirt

  1. You never cared about these Artefacts until WE dug them up. There was no interest on your part until they became valuable. If we are going to talk about Theft, why not look to the Suez Canal and how that was stolen by the Egyptians.

  2. Go to museums in Czech Republic (in Europe), for example… you will see only Czech artifacts… nothing stolen. Most stolen artifacts from the whole world are in British museum. Most of the European countries were not involved in colonalization, stealing and killing. Also, some people even think, that Europe is a country… Well, some people need some education.

  3. Why is it telling the truth gets your video with a message saying your video is inappropriate for YouTube community, nothing about this video was inappropriate that's really sad YouTube.

  4. Somebody please let her know that Europe is a continent that hosts 44 countries out of which 12 had colonies:
    United Kingdom.
    The Netherlands.
    Calling the video as a coverage of how europeans got rich at the expense of others is wrong and proves how “well”researched is your project. By showing such a gross lack of consideration and having 2 thirds of Europe under the colonialist stereotype you insult the history of those who’s ancestors have lived for millennia as serfs

  5. i see youtube is trying to make us feel pissed off with the warnings in hope we stop watching this video because its so true. and white imperialism cant cope with its dark past.

  6. But if these items aren’t in museums then people won’t learn about the culture? What about barbaric British artefacts are they ok? Or should be not present anyone in any sort of negative light? I do agree with a lot of your points but there is a grey area of debate

  7. If museums returned stolen artefacts it would in change history. The whole reason the artefacts are there is a result of a nation’s past. Morally you could argue that it would be nice to give artefacts back, but, preserving not only the items but where they have been throughout history, is surely more important? Empires and their “treasures” tell the full story; when an artefact was discovered, when it was taken, how it’s got where it is today, etc. Simply handing them back would open gaps and damage the historical integrity of both the artefacts and the nations involved in its history.

  8. The history is sad but now those items are well taken off at those museums. If they were in Africa they mght get stolen or destroyed during civil war.

  9. Can't believe the French only recently returned the skulls of already identified Algerian resistors part of a bigger collection of thousands of skulls displayed in the Musée de l'Homme

  10. Iam a naga from Nagaland india, during 1900-1918 Mr mills and his companion came and took most of the artefacts from our forefathers and claiming that it’s was a gift and displaying at various museum. Thank you VICE for bringing this to light.

  11. The kingdom of Benin was a terror state, its people subjected to torture and human sacrifice. A participant in the British attack on Benin, which was preceded by an unwarranted attack and massacre of another British group, reported, "As we neared Benin City we passed several human sacrifices, live women slaves gagged and pegged on their backs to the ground, the abdominal wall being cut in the form of a cross, and the uninjured gut hanging out. These poor women were allowed to die like this in the sun. Men slaves, with their hands tied at the back and feet lashed together, also gagged, were lying about. As we neared the city, sacrificed human beings were lying in the path and bush—even in the king's compound the sight and stench of them was awful. Dead and mutilated bodies were everywhere — by God! May I never see such sights again!" I have limited sympathy for the upholders of such an evil African regime, its bronzes ill-gotten by the exploitation of other Africans. They can stay in the museums of those who rescued the people of Benin from tyranny.

  12. Africans enslaved their own people and sold them to Europeans. The British were "abolitionists" . They had to go into the Benin kingdom and take over as a step to end the enslavement of humans. These objects were not stolen. They are the reward in the form of African Material culture for ending the slave trade. Benin was one of the largest slave kingdoms in Africa. They build their wealth on the sale of humans. Today these objects serve as display objects that fuel tourism to countries that would otherwise have almost no means of attracting tourism. Museums serve as economic engines to other countries plagued with corruption but with rich historical culture. This video is so wrong.

  13. The British Museum virtually invented the concept of the public museum and the tradition of museums as places of academic study. No they absolutely should not return anything; such institutions are of global importance and not only preserved the cultures of this planet but performed semi-miraculous acts of scholarship which unlocked human history through GENERATIONS of study. The vast majority of what you label as “stolen” is actually the product of bequests and archaeological digs and items that were purchased from societies which, at the time, did not give a hoot about the items in question. Much of this stuff would’ve simply ended up in private collections had it not ended up in our museums. And you would NEVER have seen it ever again. The Elgin Marbles, for example, were destined for a private home- they were never meant to end up in the BM. Had they remained in Greece they would’ve been hacked off by countless local dealers and sold in small lots just as countless other statuary items were in that country. Sold into private collections with zero chance of ever being maintained in one place for all humanity to come and see them. And guess how much it costs to go see these astounding works of human genius? NOTHING!

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