August 8, 2022

35 thoughts on “Sierra Leone Abolish Death Penalty, Algeria Demands Respect from France, Caribbean Africa Investment

  1. Who needs death penalty? It is brutal, primitive and shows government has no potentiality to provide ideas and vision that support citizens, leading to frustration and eventually any kind of violence.

  2. UGANDA, I hope the president of UGANDA is listening to this. How can he say Africans are waiting for European to do things for them while germans company in UGANDA is killing our environment, polluting our waters and he the president is turning a DEAF EARS to cries of his people?? This guy sneaks form both sides of his mouth. Mr. President attend to the cries of your people.

  3. By NOW France must be out of Africa.
    France foreign policy means death to African countries!!
    The African people Must listen to the devine voice of Hope.
    France has never,, NEVER been good to the African people AND Will NOT change its policies when It comes to the African people AND their Land. The New generation of the African people Must NOT argue with France president. Anyway Macron Will NOT, NOT do anything promising for the african people, NEVER except lies, deception AND doble standards.
    See ALL the African countries as far as economical development Is concern, POVERTY Is the africans lot.
    No Hope for african people if France Is there in africa!

  4. Why are they talking about Germany when its the Ugandan government that's at fault? If they didn't agree the Germans wouldn't be there. The Ugandan government needs to answer for this.

  5. The reason all Africanpeople are talkin … France??.. are respect humanity….. France don't saying "I Genocide Africanpeople"….. like Germany did…. France is protecting theirname??…. so how do people Trust you??…. Algerian are right…. half the Algerian gone….
    France training your soldiers African… forget it!…. they training next generation so they can use Africa??? Until they admit what they did past……. and reparation…… far awAyfrom Them…….

  6. It's great news for Africa to trade with the Caribean.This can go a long way to build wealth within our family. Also happy for more African nations who have abolished death penalty, it's progress.

  7. I wish more West Africans would invest in tourism in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. If anybody is looking for ideas and opportunities feel free to reach out to me

  8. Barbados is a fiscal paradise used by African governments and the 'export import bank'… keep celebrating this. (or follow up the money sent there and never returned to Africa). Some people are so easily fooled…

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