August 16, 2022

39 thoughts on “Sierra Leone President Demands Permanent Security Council Seats for Africa at United Nations

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  2. Any Africa president who need permanent site in UN house and office if nation like then give him ohoho him country he we be using any office then give rule not another country in Africa anything him request for then give him by getting mineral resources who can use trade with them ohoho nothing considered me about that ohoho hi can't die for any country including my country of origin way hi was born right from small kid because nothing hi benefit from Nigeria and any body since hi be in Europe ohoho he fun dow sacrifices then won't to use me doing for nation for them to be enjoy in Africa continent in Europe if god are not give me a little brain to sign outing to where then give my birth in Africa continent ohoho

  3. For a long time, Africa has been pleading for a permanent seat at the UN security council. It worthy to note that now Africa is DEMANDING for two seats.
    My observation is: Did the existing permanent members plead or even demand to have their seats?
    Africa, TAKE the permanent seats. The seats are your entitlement.
    Remember to immediately remove Israel from the AU with the so called observer status. We don't need that observer. I learnt that African heads of states did not vote to give Israel this status in the AU. Who admitted Israel? Heads must roll.

  4. Yet these whites have the guts to call other people dictators like Rwandas Paul Kagame and even go a long way to eliminate some of these leaders in a brutal manner as they did Libyas Colonel Gaddafi all in the name of democracy and freedom for the people. Now the whole world and indeed Africa is growing enlightened to the widening double standards and hypocrisy of the so called world saviors because they think they are the only ones who are wise enough to lead at the expense of all the rest.
    Time will tell as Ghandi rightly put it" All through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, murderers and for a time they can seem invincible but in the end they always fall".

    Those who wage wars and killed millions of people in Africa and the middle east will surely come to reap what they have sown in time by God's leave.

  5. "Equal" and "equals" he used. What for? UNO wasn't constructed to be an institution of equal states or nations. It was constrcuted to ensure the dominio and the wealth of the western allies of WWII. IT changed a bit due to the spread of nuclear weapons. How much of Africa was colonized by GB, France, … It would have been good, if that speaker would have spoken in the native main language of his country, but he spoke in the language of colonial masters to colonial masters. What political and cultural dependencies are behind this? How long would the mations of Africa fight over who should represent the two seats? …

  6. I have been hearing the same speech of many of our leaders begging for permanent seats in the UN security council. Perhaps it is time Africa look to itself for it strength. They will continue to treat us with contempt until we make ourselves relevant. Some may see this as impossible or even foolish, but we should perhaps pay more attention to ourselves and much less to the UN. Strength through unity is a natural principle. Those who live this principle benefit greatly from it. The unity of Africa will bring about its strength. One very good example is Rwanda. Here is a country on the verge of extermination. The whole world turned its back when they were most in need. When the people of Rwanda began to look to themselves for strength, they created the Rwanda we have today. My people, please we can do it. We need no one's help. We can do it ourselves. We just need to be disciplined and combined our strength. If we unite, no power in the world would be able to concur us. We would be a great force to reckoned with.

  7. Stop BEGGING and they don't think you're equals. They never have and never will. Drop out of the UN as a CONTINENT! For once in your leadership as AFRICANS presidents! come together and take a stance. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ all these nonsense speaches! We're TIRED! All ya do is BEG the whit3 man for recognition.

  8. Any nation contributing a certain percentage of their GNP should be considered for a seat on the permanent security council. And possibly 2 seats should be rotated every few years. No country receiving loans or aid should be allowed on the permanent security council. Anything that reduces corruption at the UN should be considered.

  9. How will our leaders keep demanding seat in the security council without taking serious actions to ensure that our demands are met?.

    Hmmm, I want to see action not only comforting speech. Their even speaking to empty chairs.

  10. Great speech. This makes me proud as an Eritrean and as an African). Afrinan countries must boycotte the UN. It is a tool for recolonization. africa leaders, you no need to go in such assemblies. The better way to make them understand is stay in your home and develop united Africa.

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