January 16, 2022

13 thoughts on “Sir Hilary Beckles: on Reparatory Justice for Global Black Enslavement

  1. Fascism has declared that they r entitled to the ownership & monolopy of valuating human character; but with their track record who could be impressed? To be a musician u have to be musically & lyrically inclined & to be civilized u have to be socially inclined!!! On what grounds does the slave owners claim to be civilized is my question 'cause after listening to Sir Beckles
    slave trade owners r just spoiled racist who expect to keep up their brainwash education forever but as Peter Tosh said: Dat Won't Work!!!
    So fight on my brothers; equal rights & justice is on our horizon; I can see it coming in the short distance!!!

  2. I wish the female would speak more clearly and say what she means, and mean what she says. How can we engage in communications when conversations can't be spoken? There is tension by those in the know, the question is why?

  3. The topic discussed here could also apply to the Indigenous Americans, Chinese, and basically everyone who has been mistreated. History has been nasty to conquered peoples who lacked the power to adequately repulse attack.

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