September 21, 2023
Sir Richard Ottaway - Britain Does Not Owe Reparations

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The motion: This house believes Britain owes reparations to her former colonies.

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34 thoughts on “Sir Richard Ottaway – Britain Does Not Owe Reparations

  1. Come on guys in 20 years UK's economy Will be so bad that it won't be in a position to give reparations……It would be in so much debt that it can hardly think of reparations 😚

  2. Its Karma, presently UK cannot feed its citizen properly, forget about reparations. They deserve all the misery for the misdeeds of their ancestors, who didn't even tell their children of their deeds and ill-gotten wealth.

  3. What do u wanna say Richard??? The British came to the richest country in the world , plundered it and reduced it to one of the poorest nations of the world, and u say there were sacrifices from both sides!!!!!
    What a hypocrite u are. U took 45 trillion from us to build roads, hospitals and schools????? Or it was Britain's fee for teaching india the English language!!!

  4. There are an awful lot of ill-informed people commenting on this forum. It seems to me that India was in a bit of a pickle before the British Government took over. Russia was knocking on it's door, the wealthy elite (fellow Indians) were robbing the country dry, there was massive disparages in wealth with the majority of people being very poor, the country suffered frequent episodes of drought and famine, there was constant conflict between the Sikhs and the Muslims and the Hindus and the Muslims, there was the caste system, the untouchables, the practice of killing girl babies at birth, and the practice of burning widows, alive, on funeral pyres. The British made these practices illegal by the way. So, it was not exactly a paradise to begin with as some people would have us believe. So are India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, better countries the live in after partition in 1947? Is it all peaceful? Are the ordinary people more wealthy? I think not. Have the ugly practices, I mentioned earlier, crept back into the culture? Yes.

  5. I've never owned a slave, or a plantation. And the people who want the money haven't been slaves. I'm not in the habit of handing money over to the great, great, great, great, great, great, great decendants of people long dead for whom reparations are useless.
    And who pays? Who receives it?
    Reparations is a formula for inept current governments to buy time and blame others for their inability to govern competently in the present.

  6. Its funny how the brutish are so afraid to take the blame. Some countries they colonised are more powerful and richer than them because of their hardwork. Its a sad attempt that not so great brutain doing to take credit for it.

  7. the hidden hand that push a section of there religious belief on the people around the world with savage intentions don’t trust they’ll ever tell the right hand what the left hand is up to

  8. The West invented most technology in use today: computers, cars, planes, trains, TVs, radios, lighting, sewage, machine learning, modern medicine — you name it. The world is far better off thanks to this, and millions of people flock to the West annually for better lives. And yet they act entitled and blame the West for all their shortcomings.

  9. 7:04 Oh that guy in the crowd! You know he was just itching to get his moment to finally get his point across. The dude was practically hyperventilating. Your hand is finally recognized little boy. 😊 The fact that these screaming idiots in the crowd can't wait two seconds for the speaker to finish his point before they begin their screeching, chanting session just goes to show how tolerant and fair many in the crowd actually are. 🙄😒

  10. Tell you what, why not all those and their families there who have the privilage of attending one of the most prestegious universities in the world pay the said reparations? I see a lot of people there enjoying the benefits of the British empire. So they should pay and leave the working class british and the normal unprivilaged british tax payer alone.

  11. Listening to this man brings back the infamous english arrogance and ignorance to the fore. It was this arrogance, fool hardiness applied with violence that helped a tiny Island to use and abuse its former colonies for a self serving cause regardless of cost to the colonized. History is replete with stores of English use of terror and the gross violence Jalianwala Bagh incident as well as the open massacre of one Col Shutlz who rode across the country shooting and hanging people slightly suspected of complicity in the mutiny. The sad part is he used the Sikh sepoys as his mercenaries against all Indians!

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