January 28, 2023

35 thoughts on “Sistah Vegan Consciousness and Black Women's Hair

  1. We may have to look further for the cause of fibroids in WOC. My best friend here in Mexico is black – her father from Haiti and her mother Basque. She had no black culture and never straightened her hair and had terrible fibroids and hormonal imbalances – she's been vegetarian quit a long time and doesn't and has never used many allopathic remedies. There must be another factor, but I don't know what it is. At 40 she met women from the US who taught her how to treat her hair with shea butter.

  2. Jah love Dr. Sistar Breeze Harper. I love this post! I love using cold pressed hemp oil with organic shea butter on my dreadlocks. I buy them from the stores. I was wondering if you still shop with Amazon.I listened to a great report by a journalist who went undercover with them and their workers were doing bad. They had to take pills for pain because the work is soo demanding and grueling. I don't know if they have changed this situation but I listened to the program on the Leonard Lopate program on NYC's NPR station sometime between 2011-2012. Please do more videos about natural black hair. There is an entire industry that we need to pay attention to and it is part of being a vegan, a black female and consumer culture. We spend a lot of money on our bodies and that is in part a legacy of being African and also in response to accusations of being non-hygienic by our oppressors. Blessed love.

  3. Also to be honest a Black means vegan book would only be bought by gay white and black men no smart common black person would buy it just giving you some ideas in case you were thinking of writing one

  4. We hear you Ms. Harper but its is obviously hipocritical for you to talk about being proud and overcoming self hate but you are married to a white man. Secondly, how can you say that Black vegan men don't exist and talk about how bad it is but not do something educate Black boys and men about becoming a vegan and the fact that you married a white man Its safe to say that you pretty much closed that door of opportunity on yourself. No Black man is going to listen to you. I'm just stating facts.

  5. I owned a salon and when I learned what relaxers were doing to us, I began writing columns about it in a Black newspaper, called the MBA Journal. It killed my business but I continued writing and learned more about naptural hair care, and the history of why we straighten our hair. I am experiencing a challenge currently. I got married, and my husband and I addressed everything, but the hair, we didn't talk about. He said, we'd talk about that later. The only talk we do is "don't wear it". I'm facing weight challenges, when I get that under control. I'll do what I please at that time.

  6. Good to hear someone talk sense, humble, beautiful lady! The hair issue is big here in South Africa, but with a different aspect, plus it's*big money*the driving force

  7. I really needed to hear this!!!!  Thank you.  I'm Puerto Rican and I have afro textured hair and I know how awful perms are.  I'm having a difficult time styling it and I don't want to put any chemicals in it.  I would love to just chop it off but there are spots (balding) in my hair that's thinning and I don't dare to go out.  I'm going to try hemp oil.

  8. I have a tugging at my soul to go natural and recently failed my attempt after seeing how much hair I was loosing. So……. I think this means I should just go with the BC method which to be honest terrifies me. I have always had a nice full head of hair and I must say peoples opinions kind of intimidate me. I live in a city where only 2.1% is African American and of those not too many are progressive enough to embrace my struggle. Any advice?

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  10. I love your video sis..I do admit that I had an issue with this..NOT ANY MORE!!!!!..I now have locks which I see as beautiful..I no longer have any issues with my beautiful nappy wool..In fact, when I see a sista with natural wool ( I prefer to use this term) I always comment on how beautiful her wool is..this is extremely important for us as Kush women..Thank you Sis..xx

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