September 22, 2023
Slavoj Žižek: Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, and revolution | Big Think Edge

47 thoughts on “Slavoj Žižek: Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, and revolution | Big Think Edge

  1. ''A communist in a qualified sense'' or in other words ''A useful idiot, who'd get a bullet in the head as soon as the revolution is over'' Slavoj Zizek.

  2. His accent is fascinating. I am Polish and in Polish the letter "R" is harder and more present than in Slovenian. Throughout my life, I have never heard a Pole speak like that, even if it was the first day of study and the first words spoken. Wow amazing. I like it very much 😀

  3. Covid is flu nothing worse ,the pcr test does not work real globale medical experts are know talking with the europe safety council,i hope mister slavoj you're not a globalism stooge to help the rich transfer the world population into a NWO.
    The amount of people rust died are the same as in a flu season and nobody died this year of fly???
    Vegetable Biden would say''come on mannn''

  4. I'm a massive follower of Zizek, but I kind of wish I could have heard a little more from Samo Burja who did a great job of moderating his lecture. Zizek gets a little excited sometimes so the poor guy got interrupted a lot.

  5. Funny to read the comments here. Most people are talking about the package and not the content, because it need a certain intellect to do so. It is easier to talk about the speakers and how they behave. The dumb-down-the-world plan was a huge success. 😉

  6. at 9 mins: it is now impossible to have political analysis? Not at all. Even if Bernie is not being talked about, there are people who are doing their jobs to bring in the "green new deal." It's not so hard.

  7. omg. people in the us and the world need to understand where this guy is actually coming from. he was never a communist and is in fact writing for the german newspaper 'die welt' which is a product of the right-wing and as capitalist as it gets 'axel-springer verlag', owned by kkr & co. inc.. the founder of this publishing company, axel springer, was a freemason who was one of three people which were allowed by the usa to publish in germany after ww2. zizek is a hegelian just like peterson, they fuck with your mind by pretending a struggle between 'idiology' or 'opinion' but in reality they have non. they just use the friction between opposing 'forces' for their personal gains. ridiculous, its just an idea, a concept, its NOT REAL ! that is the whole idea of freemasonry: the two pillars: good and bad, red and blue, republican and democrat, 'die welt' and 'bild' … pls. wake up before you're killing ach other again.

  8. How would Slavoj act if he had just jumped up all of a sudden giving his speech and proclaimed: "I just shat myself" holding his arms behind his back?

    hint: I think He would just keep shitting.

    Another possible hint: I'll let myself out, thank you VERY MUCH!

  9. 👌 What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve. A money maker @evenkingsfall (his insta) always says you have to THINK BIG to WIN BIG! Always keep that thought process! Keep up with the great videos 🖤

  10. It is a while ago since this was streamed. But, yesterday the head of the Swedish public health authority said: "We can not vaccinate away Covid 19". Also the shut downs will continue, with or without vaccines. And our prime minister said that only the old people in the retirement homes who takes two injections of the vaccine, are allowed to hug their grand children. Only the okce who takes the vaccine properly. Those who refuse may not hug their grand children. It does nit give full immunity, it does not protectvthe so called risk groups… Why take the vaccine at all? I see no point. And I think Covid 19 cobers up for something else. Perhaps a failing global economy. Saturation, debt saturation.

  11. So it is to me, you know, one of the great mysteries here is schniff of the American singer Shaggy. He claims, you know "they saw me fucking on the sofa, and so on, saw me fucking in the counter, and so on: It wasn't me." My question is: Who, then? Who was doing the fucking?

  12. ALM – All Lives Matter for Jesus Christ. Everyone is a victim of pre-existing sin. For God all lives are equal. God loves everyone unconditionally. Jesus Christ came from heaven to earth for one purpose only – to die on the Cross for remissions of pre-existing sins of every single person and resurrect.  Jesus Christ providing forgiveness of pre-existing sins, salvation from eternity in hell, and free entry to eternity in heaven for all who repent of sins in Jesus Christ.
    Otherside of death is eternity. Eternity in hell. Or eternity in heaven through Jesus Christ. Penalty of pre-existing sin already paid by Jesus Christ on The Cross. Accept Jesus Christ, be saved from pre-existing sin and eternal hell for free.

  13. it seems like Slavoj Zizek is really fulfilling the stereotype of the mad genius just like Nietzsche or van Gogh, notice how he repetitively scratches his nose and speaks with his hands

  14. It’s not that he isn’t responsible, it’s a question of morality. The impetus for stealing is different for everyone. Why did he steal matters, as well as what. What is driving you to steal? I was punished so harshly for kleptomaniac behavior, and it was obviously that. It’s not about the stealing, it’s about the character. If the person stealing is stealing as an act of vandalism and anger is one kind of stealing. It’s an attempt to discuss openly what compels someone to steal. If you are born into an environment where stealing may be more likely, then it’s NOT fair to strip that from a human being if they steal, and it is in fact impossible to do it. The black person is still responsible, but what drove them to do that, the external pressures that shaped the mentality, as one example, is not the responsibility of the thief. It’s an obvious point that the person who steals is the one responsible for the theft, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a zombie where other things and people pulled the strings. It’s just as much a kind of “white conservativism” to romanticize the moral character in the face of overwhelming odds.

  15. How much is China hated in Latin America and Africa?

    I can't speak for Africa, but the proletariat would fight on the side of China in a war, the "partner" USA has only been putting it on AL's ass constantly for about 200 years.

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