September 21, 2023
So HERE'S the Truth About Akon & His Multiple Wives

While Akon was bringing us hits like “Locked Up,” “Don’t Matter,” and “Smack That,” his fans had no idea he was building his own untraditional lifestyle behind the scenes. Initially, he was hesitant to divulge the truth, but over the years, he, and some of his past and present women, have given us a glimpse inside his lifestyle.

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39 thoughts on “So HERE'S the Truth About Akon & His Multiple Wives

  1. Picked her, raised her, then married her…do u know how many times I rewinded this part bc I couldn’t believe I was hearing right!!!?????!!!! 😩

  2. In reality Islam doesn't allow a man to marry more than four willing wives. But let us be honest if a man can't satisfy one woman then he will always have a hunger to try with other women to feed his ego. After all when a man has fully satisfied a woman he doesn't require anymore women. Prove me wrong.

  3. Afrikan haters, who live in a dysfunctional country, from dysfunctional families , living dysfunctional lives, acting morally disgusted by Akons ,and Afrikans rejection of western society social ignorance. Europeans may have trouble being fertile and reproducing, Afrikan peoples produce WOMEN like the trees bearing fruit…. In uncountable numbers. We created our own social norms to keep them safe and secure.
    How many millions of aborted BLACK BABIES in USA before African Americans acknowledge their lack of self belief and self hate. 🦅🇯🇲

  4. Men go out and reproduce with random women all the time, leave them and wind up in family court,no longer in the home, no longer a part of his child's life..
    BUT God forbid a man should desire to keep and care for the women he reproduces with, and call them his wife and provide for their offspring … Gasp… How evil! (Sarcasm)

    So men you can screw around just dont dare call them your wife.

  5. American with the sickest, filthiest culture known to history of mankind always have an opinion of other culture. This is the culture not only on the African continent but in Asia and others probably. Listen while you come up with new traditions day in day out, force it down the throat of your population and everybody on the earth by force, others are keeping up there's.
    What a nation of fools!

  6. I met Akon before and he was sincerely the most humble & kind celebrity I’ve met. All we did was chat like we knew one another for years. He and Foxy Brown came into a Spanish restaurant in alphabet city around 2am in nyc. What Akons life did for him isn’t for everyone and vice versa. Live and let live. I can honestly say when people are allowed to do whatever the hell they please they start calling themselves “they” and choose to identify as a spirit animal on Saturdays. Leave my friend Akon alone. Xoxo

  7. I 100% don't agree and don't find such lifestyle as his realistic or appealing but to each their own since we're all free and as long as he's being responsible and no one is in the streets no one should be bothered since they all consented and if you want to continue with your own freedom, others have their own freedom as well so we just accept since no problems arise as in one being irresponsible and leaving children or women uneducated or in the streets or forcing others in such a lifestyle then it would become a problem and crossing a red line but since he's minding his own business, none of his children are in the streets of struggling financially and the women are adults and have a mind to think of their own so they consented to this as this video didn't mention any women state otherwise or call for help, to each their own.

  8. Polygamy is ok with wifey material women. BUT you got h0ez & female who(m) body counts 2/3/4/5+ complain and be picky even tho you got F by many men ain't NOTHING specail about u so why you tripping??? you don't bring sh!t to the table and you don't add value to men when u body count all over the place and got kids out of marriage and like K.S. said you deserve to b alone & d!e alone too. 😁😅😂

  9. It just proves how dominant culture is for women.. if you want successful polygyny you need to be in that culture..amazing how other cultures shame polygamous cultures.. as if their culture is the standard.. historically monogamy is relatively new.. you can date polygamy back to biblical days (beginning of time)

  10. Those women are willing participants.. so that's on them and on him…I guess he can provide for everybody so no one has an issue with it…🤣🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. I am from South of Senegal precisely Thionck Essyl. In my village we don’t get married until 25 for man and at 20 for women. Probably he spoke about his culture and where he is from cause there is a lot of different cultures in Senegal.

  12. Men and women who say it's impossible to be faithful is a lie from the pits of hell. He or she just doesn't want to be faithful. I'm disgusted at how a thirteen year old picks a 2 year old to be his spouse. That is perverted. God help us all. Smh.

  13. The comment section is just so culturally/religiously ignorant!!
    I’m surprised by the audacity of western communities who always ask for the world to be tolerant and accepting all their BS about whatever BS they believe in (even if it’s against all of the universe laws), yet keep judging, having an opinion and giving names for other cultures believes and practices!! Without even knowing nothing!!

  14. There's a black American women with a story on her with her 2 dudes. A lot of views. And she's bbw 😂 You definitely could find what you want in these times if you're financially healthy and mature enough.

  15. I couldn’t imagine dating him after his fame. I know he was a dog in the words of Mike Jones “ Back then they ain’t want me. Now I’m hot they all on me”

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