January 16, 2022

23 thoughts on “So.. Why I MOVED to Uganda?! | MOVING TO AFRICA Series | @rachaelnalumu

  1. I’m Ugandan living in Canada. I love Uganda. But there are so many things I hate about life there. First, people there who have money look down on those who don’t have it which is not the case here in Canada. Second, the healthcare system is dead. Only rich people can afford to access good healthcare by going to expensive private hospitals or even flying overseas. Third, there are military vehicles on the streets and cops carry battle field rifles on the streets. Fourth, someone with influence can do anything thing to you with impunity/some people there are above the law……Enjoy your stay.

  2. I'm coming to Uganda 🇺🇬 Feb 2021! Coming to marry my love of 3 years. Not sure if I'm coming back to the US but final destination is Uganda. We have already decided on that. I love your video! Thank you for making this and thank you for your boldness 😊💕

  3. Deep respect for you Rachel. It takes a lot of courage to make a decision to get back home. The problem is what you have mentioned in one of the videos. One can hardly determine his all her destiny back home. There seem to be some constant tension looming. And folks like me who wanna plan everything in advance, fear grips me when I see some kind of uncertainity. Another trauma is the Traffic. Good Lord, those BodaBoda folks can give you an heart attack when you are Driving.

  4. Came here from Raymond Kahuma's channel, hope you are good Nalumu welcome back home and don't forget to have fun and keep you sunglasses near cause we are sunny every day.

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