May 25, 2022

30 thoughts on “Somali President & PM Disown US Firm, Kenyan Pilots Land in Crazy Storm, S.Africa Builds Smart City

  1. Africa's resources must benefit Africans and must be used for Africa's development. All deals for Africa's resources must be fair.
    Safe Mining must be mandatory part of the curriculum for young Africans. All Mining in Africa must benefit Africans.
    Hats off to the brave Kenyan pilot. One Love 💘. One Africa. Africa for Africans.

  2. If burkino Faso doesn't shake the whole devil France off of it, these things will continue to happen. I wouldn't be surprised if French spies set off those dynamite to send a message to the burkino Faso people for standing up. The military there is still in bed with France while the people don't know. This is why they were not sanctioned.

  3. FOX news should get the hell out of Africa !!!!!!!!!!!
    RACIST channel ! Work also for repubs
    CNN liers work for democrats
    All of them care less than zero about Africa and they don't do JORNALISM .
    Period !!!!!!!!!!

  4. My condolences to the brothers killed in the gold mine explosion. I wouldn't know about this if it wasn't for this channel. I thank you. I'll try to support anyway that I can.

  5. Any Somali Minister does not have the courage and the capability to sign on any deal with foreign firms without having first the blessing of the head of State. Formaajo and his prime minister have yet shown us their extreme selfishness. When things got tough they run away from the spot. Somalia's bad governance and unwavering corruption are out there on the record to see by everyone.

  6. Thanks for the updates. #nomore America in the horn of Africa, Somalia should be careful.
    Very sad news from Burkina Faso, Africans should be dying for international multinationals cooperation.

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