May 22, 2022

29 thoughts on “Somalia Announces Elections, Buhari Want US Military Base in Africa, Africa's Space Exploration

  1. Just because he is wearing dark skin does not mean he is for us. The proof is by what he says and does and not do. Africa should have their own bases and be able to protect themselves or working towards it without the help of the very people who oppressed us to do that is to go against Nature(Natural).

  2. The Nigerian government needs to go, he going back to not doing for self. America will have no respect for them ,look at historical events and once they come they will never leave..African need respect.

  3. Africa is finished, if Nigerian can't defend itself from just borko haram until they invite the US military i have given hope on these old socal leaders.

  4. This is about the end for Africa. I really don't even want to hear anything else about Africa. From the USA. This is so disgusting with Sudan Somalia nigeria, this is so gut-wrenching heartbreaking and disgusting. You all look so stupid coming across the internet with this type of stuff. From your sister in the USA.

  5. United States military base has been in Afghanistan for about 20 years and it's just now leaving. How long do you think the military will be in Africa with all of the resources that you all have. This is very dumb and ignorant on the Africans behalf.

  6. This is why we need to Unite!

    African people look like children to the world, this is we’ll continue to get treated like kids, JUST LIKE TAKING CANDY FROM A BABY!

  7. Correction not 2 years mandate extension, it was a mandate to organize one man one vote within 2 years. And one man one vote was blocked by the west and their African puppets. What they wanted is a select group of people to elect the president of Somalia. I hope my African brothers and sisters follow this and fight against colonial masters

  8. US or UK military cant help Nigeria because that useless entity is destined for doom and before the end of this 2021, Biafra will surely be on her own. Those who are still supporting nigeria, may their lives be like nigeria.

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