September 28, 2021

20 thoughts on “Something Unexpected Happened At JamGam Today

  1. Jody you're highlighting something that I feel should be happening right now on the continent & that is establishing music, art & language workshops for diaspora children to learn how to play the various native musical instruments & how to make them while learning art & language.. Discuss with some of the others to see if all can come with the funds together to get such project going!!

  2. That's the Balafon one of the best melody instruments in the Gambia and some parts of Africa.They stole that from Africa and make a piano. Africans are so bless and creative πŸ™Œ

  3. Thank y'all for showing the way to the motherland. I'm in Cameroon too in central Africa building a village from scratch and, in one or two year my village will have a face. I just started uploading my work on the tube and hopefully in time people will see me transform this place.

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