December 7, 2021

38 thoughts on “Something Unexpected Happened To Us In The Gambia

  1. Haven't checked in for a while but guys the Almighty is using you as a vessel to shine is light🙏 There were so many lessons and gems in this video. Going to work on detoxing with you and doing the shadow work. Raising my frequency, accepting knowledge and protecting my roots💯 Guys keep safe, keep healthy, keep strong love you both and praying for your continued healing ❤️🙏

  2. It's good you came to the sea and eat only foods from the earth but in addition to that eat some activated charcoal as this will absorb whatever is in the dust she breath from that place. You should have some too. If you can't buy it make it a hard wood. Blessings to you both forever.

  3. alovera cook it and drink the water when its cool with ent bells well use neem tree boil it and drink it and cover your self and wash your body it and better come on ya way bless and love fam

  4. AP, I definitely mess with you,bruh. 💯✊🏾you real and you know who you are at heart and spiritually just like myself. You a real genuine brother, for sure. Much love and respect fam and I’m sending nothing but positive energy to you and Queen Jordi. I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery.💯✊🏾💪🏾🙏🏾

  5. Make sure that you wear mask to help with protecting you from the dust and when you get home wash inside your nose. Also, this is a good time to reach out to the wider diaspora in the Gambia including Juliet and Ryan to discuss Diaspora Wellness Connectivity!!

  6. Make sure you boil and blend together ginger onion garlic lemon/lime turmeric cayenne pepper keep it in your fridge and take a shot every morning and evening and add it to your tea and water

  7. We love you guys, please be safe you and Jodi! Try sea moss is good and Black Cumin Seed oil…Moringa lemon tea. Boil your water before use, the Ancestors will protect you. Positive Energy for speedy recovery.

  8. I was worried and scared when I saw the title of the video but when I watched it I became happy that u both are feeling much better now. We love unnu guys. Cyaa wait to see you guys live this Sat.

  9. Sorry to hearof your illness.
    Bedouins protect themselves with a headscarf to shield from sand storms and dust,so during dry seasons cover up to protect your lungs
    With so much building works every where,even rainy season you must avoid breathing in all sorts.
    Travel to other countries before settling down in a country with cleaner air ,hills and mountains.
    As a spiritual couple,let your instincts be you guide.Stay blessed.

  10. I guess my offer of bananas which are rich in iron and potassium was not good enough because my comment was erase. Please raise your frequency. I plant lots of bananas and was hoping the blessings would assist with eating from the earth. Bless up anyway. Accept your blessings small and great.

  11. Common AP you and queen Jodi will he just fine! Brother it’s mad everywhere , I leave in London England but bro you will be surprised the things that we have fi put up with. You guys are making us want to come back to our beloved Africa. Stay on course and the most Hight got us all! Stay bless family✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

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