July 4, 2022

35 thoughts on “South Africa Boldly Calls out Ukraine & Europe for the Racist Treatment of Africans Fleeing War

  1. only african politicians will demand foreign countries to fix the proble.s of africans.
    where the fuck is africa self criticism ?
    no were to be foubd

  2. You see, they think the People forgot what they did? And, also think we did not see what we were seeing or hearing what was being said! Take Care of your "Blue Eyed Blondes" yourself! And, those Africans that have chosen to fight for the Ukraine, must remember that their home and families are in Africa, and they may not be Welcomed Back!

  3. Gaitses
    Please remove your listings for sale in Genadendal. Our land is not for sale. You know for a fact there are no title deeds in Genadendal but yet hope your conduct will lobby for it. We will consistently oppose it just as we do with Amazon in Cape Town. Greyton in it totality belongs to Genadendal and will be squarely in our Ancestral claim when the expropriation bill is adopted in 1 year 2 months. I suggest you be honest with the residents of Greyton on what's going to happen. The Estate agency body will have to answer with the war criminals to Cultural Extinction by Cultural Genocide for disposessing the Indigenous People of this land.
    Chief Sores Florus
    Hessequa Indigenous People of South Africa
    South African Human Rights Commission Monitor
    Ps: This government and a lot of their people they lead also flatly ignores the indigenous people of this land. They are not honest with their people about their own Indigenous heritage. They don't tell the stories of their people's origins anymore. It now starts here in this country with Kings and Queens. They are writing their own beautiful Indigenous history off for money, power and land theft. They will have to answer in International Criminal Courts to us, the Indigenous Khoe and San of this land soon. As South African Human Rights Commission Monitor I have personally asked for an investigation into this man, his Government and the band of looters pillaging this land for the world Elites under management of the World Economic Forum amongst others. They are dispossession Us, the First Indigenous People with animal and plant amendment acts. Just like the colonists and Nationalists. NO MORE…. They are actors and thieves. They refuse to acknowledge Indigenous, but instead hammer on Traditional instead. For good reason… They dominate Traditional, but are spooked by indigenous… just a matter of time now. Let their names and each and everyone associated with them go down in history on the same pages as Verwoerd, Smuts, P W Botha, Hitler and many more disposessing and oppressive tyrants. Paramount Chief Sores. Hessequa Indigenous People. South African Human Rights Commission Monitor.

  4. Had it been the other way around we the Africans would’ve been helping the Ukrainian people out of Africa before ourselves.say facts

  5. Is that all the South Africans had to say concerning the racist treatment of our brothas and sistas,the Ukrainian and general treatment of our people should be condemned for this treatment

  6. The war of Russia on Ukraine, the war of Israel on the Palestinians, the war in Yemen and racial profiling of Asians and Africans in Europe is immoral. This may not end till the concept of racial superiority ends.

  7. I don't know how many ways Europeans can show Africans that they do not even consider us as people. They value the life of domestic Animals much more than they do that of African people.

  8. SA thinks making an empty presentation does their part when they've basically always turned their backs of rest of Africa and their own people. Australian model indeed.

  9. This is not our war. It has nothing to do with us. We didn't start this war. If this war were between two African countries what the Russians/Ukrainians/West will do is to supply arms to both sides to fight and kill each other because they don't mean well for us. They wish we never existed. They started this war, let them end it the same way they started it. We Africans have enough issues to deal with in Africa. Such as; poverty, diseases, corruption, insecurity, mismanagement of mineral resources, tribalism, bad leadership, bad infrastructure, ailing economise, terrorism, banditry, territorial conflicts. The only logical contribution Africa can make ie; the AU, is to call for a ceasefire and a peace talk nothing else.

  10. If black People want respect then go to work, no crime, get leaders in africa Who will introduce wealthcare, a good country which white People can visit without seeing imbecile stupid religious behaviour… Put yourselves together black People and educate your country… Or shut up

  11. the best testimony in the last few months, brief and concise, he only got one thing wrong, when he said "… in the same situations, he was wrong, "there are more serious situations that last longer, and need to be resolved first…."

  12. Russia has hostages South Africa! Your People are part of NATO! China and Russia already mining in Africa but pay them little money! Corruption by Your Government Officials

  13. What kind of a hypocrisy is South Africa displaying here? You sit in South Africa parliament and perpetuate hatred against none South African, from West Africa, East and central Africa. You watched them get brutally murdered by your citizens then you want to talk about Ukraine and the polish authorities ill treatment of black peoples and people of Africa? You guys are sick.

  14. After 500 years we should understand that racist white man and racist white women are not moved by facts, truth, or justice. They are only concerned with the maintenance, preservation and expansion of global white supremacy. This alone should move African leaders of African governments to call for international unity amongst Africans throughout the planet. Make a way for your lost children to come home and develop a movement like Marcus Garvey. Start off by only working with the believers.

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