September 17, 2021

32 thoughts on “South Africa land redistribution: 22 years after apartheid, land remains an emotive issue

  1. Yeah they are not going to just let them back on that prime real estate. Market value is irrelevant the land belongs to these people. Give it back. Thieving colonists scum

  2. South African are denial. They have not learned that the country’s prosperity were due to the Whites rules.
    The government needs to get the white involved more into their affairs in order to prosper again

  3. TIME TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT…………… To all the idiots who talk negetively about zimbabwe land reforms firstly i would like to inform you that Zimbabweans dont regret not even for a second getting our land back from the so could white European colonizers…………. secondly why you always say Zimbabweans are starving if that is true why is it they is not at least one dead person from all this imaginary starvation you idiots are always talking about then thirdly…………….the issue of land redistribution restoration and expropriation has never been done peacefully you can ask this Europeans settlers how they took the land from the black african natives they will tell you that it was force and murder to anyone who resisted or got in their way all this consultations and compensations bullshit is pure nonsense…………………..this malema boy talking about consultation and doing things differently i want to see you get that land peacefully thru your consultation means we in zimbabwe we are watching you. check your history no one has ever conquered land anywhere on this planet peacefully or by consultation you will be first my brother if you succeed……………………………………am not encouraging violence but thats how they got all that land they have today from you in the first place via violence thats the truth …………………………..gud luck eff malema…………………………… from zim with love kkkkkk……………………anyway for now let me relax at my farm and sip my juice enjoying the great african sun

  4. In my opinion this is stupid and dangerous looking back. Europeans know similar problem; there are a lot of areas in Europe which belonged to certain families before 1&2WW. Do we allow these families to threaten the inhabitants of these areas, dream about revenge or taking back properties? No, of course not.

  5. Here's the problem. A man wanted to be boss, but didn't realize what being Boss was all about. He gathered a gang & went about in a destructive manner, until he became Boss. But then, he didn't have a place to stay & there was no food. But, he was in charge. Proof Positive that "being Bright & being in Charge", might be two different things. When the last white man has left South Africa, the lights will go off without any effort being expended by that man. The Black Africans will cause the lights to dim & go out on their own. Back to the stone age….

  6. Whites don't get it… don't they..?..
    Give Africans back their ancestral lands…. what's happens after that is their business… whether they starve or die…. South Africa are just tired with Whites treatment in their Own Country …They got nothing to lose.

  7. The white man took the land without due process or compensation; Africans take back the land without due process or compensation! Completely fair!

    Africa for Africans! Africans First!
    The mission: to free African people from european oppression!

  8. South African here, Up to date the ANC has had the legal authority to appropriate land, however, it has failed to yield productive returns from the programme and aims to disguise such failiure by using the constitution as a scape goat as well as further their communistic ideals and further plunder the country.

  9. This clip would've done much better if it showed what happens to 'restituded' land in 98% of cases: it becomes underutilized, underdeveloped and non productive – no way to feed the nation. Further, it also does not show why land restitution failed: not because the 'willing buyer willing seller' principal does not work, but because the corrupt ANC government stole much of the money set aside for this purpose.

  10. No they want a piece of land where they can be self sufficient. They not interested in commercial farming. No offense they don't have the skills or the vision. It's a tribal thing. Each tribe must get their portion and live there. That's what they want at the end.

  11. They should do what the Americans did to compensate the Indians. Trade all the land claimed by the Bantus for 1 acre in prime area near the exit of a major highway, and let them build a casino there.

  12. This they want hand outs
    Ok you get land now you want farm the land no idea what is going on .
    First crop white planted you will benefit after that you know what to do your answer is no .
    They go learn right exams the best students should be give a peace land .
    Then given maybe 5 years to show that you can handle it if not then the land be given to someone else they need a lot of equipment to run a farm are going buy it or steal it i like to know

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