December 1, 2021

36 thoughts on “South Africa | The Real South Africa First Impressions with Roscoe Dowling DNA Reveal

  1. You are a blessing Sir. I am so touched by your genuine revealing of truth and not showing the false side of our country. I would love to one day advocate for us making it extremely easy to build strong relations with our African American brothers and sisters and make it easy for every African American to move in and out of SA and much more.

  2. Ohhh… man! I watched this video with tears in my eyes for Ntate Roscoe. I'm so happy for him he found his way back home. WELCOME HOME NTATE… May you enjoy your time being home and claim that rightful South African citizenship of yours. You are home now.

  3. Wow it’s amazing that your DNA is from Southern African countries because there was no slave trade in Southern African countries. Wow amazing 🀩 well come home 🏑 There’s the door of no return.

  4. The Blanton family I do not know yet but I would not be surprise if their DNA point them to Soweto as well,love your show guys and is Phillip Scott still coming to the land of his ancestors including here in Azania/South Africa?

  5. I talks weekly with brothas and sistas from SA..sad to hear them warn about visiting due to the crime rate…Far as Apartheid, they also feel that still exist, not as bad as when Mandela was around but the colonizer mind still present…still plan to visit but just to be safe..I think BA and SA can really join together if like minded especially with some of our similar history.. Uthando and Amapiano all day πŸ™πŸΎ

  6. One complaint is Mark sometimes interrupts the guest while they are still formulating their feels. Give them a chance please. Good interview though. Welcome home Ntate Roscoe..

  7. All along most of us thought that all the african americans come from the west africa. That is why the Blatons were questioned why they didn't choose Ghana or somewhere in west Africa. Now we know that we have our own. This man is a South African, you can just tell the way he looks. Thank you TRSA!πŸ™

  8. The love Bhuti Mark has for South Africa is undeniable deep. May South Africa and South Africans always keep you safe, loved with good health and wealth. I always say that a lover of South Africa is loved dearly by South Africans. πŸ–€

  9. Mr Dowling and the RSA family, i'm really happy for Mr Dowling to have finally found his way back home though i wish he could have done so earlier but as they say it is never too late to do what you've always wanted. I'm really happy for you Mr and i hope there will be more of you in this country of your ancestors, God bless

  10. I like that part u mentioned about the African cultural aspect of respect. The elderly weather family or not it's ingrained in us to respect our elders. From SA to Rwanda it's the same we honor our elders.

  11. Greetings The Real South Africa awesome interview and I am coming on my retirement vacation, find some good vegetarian restaurants as I am not a meat eater. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Mark, we truly appreciate your work here in the continent of Africa. I work as a teacher in a local school 🏫 , and to see what learners(foreigners) from other African countries get to experience in this country has really changed my view about my own country – S.A is truly a beacon of hope to foreign nationals. Big Ups to your channel!!!

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