September 18, 2023
South Africa to deport 178,000 Zimbabweans after expiration of residence Permit

has been grappling with the contentious issue of for a considerable time. The nation’s affluence …


28 thoughts on “South Africa to deport 178,000 Zimbabweans after expiration of residence Permit

  1. the xenophobes will be rejoicing, but who will be the scapegoat once the zimbabweans are no longer in South Africa? who will they blame for all ills then? the afrikaaners?

  2. How pathetic is south Africans. Too scared to take the land back from colonizers but have this energy for blacks🤣🤣🤣 They love on shacks while Caucasians live on gated communities

  3. Been wondering how SA will deal with this issue after basically postponing it for over 20 years. For perspective, about 3 million Zimbabweans fled to SA during & in the aftermath of the 1998-2001 political turmoil & the terminal economic crisis that followed. The South Africans then granted year on year extensions to Zimbabweans to regularize their stay in SA through what they called a Special Permit. It was always clear that this wasn't a permanent solution outside SA either granting them permanent residence, citizenship or deportation.

  4. The xenophobic/ Afrophobic South Africans are quick to deport their fellow black Africans. But they leave the Chinese, the Lebanese, the Indians, and yes even the Mzungus alone. Stop harassing the Zimbabweans.

  5. Shame on Africa, deporting your own people, it is the Europeans that are in the land of the black man, you have to be deporting not your people, shame, shame, shame on you South Africa,the black brother's that die fighting the invaders are rolling in their gave to see how stupid the black man become, shame on you brother's.

  6. Wait wait and don’t hold your breath! Zimbabweans will have the last laugh. After all they did to secure freedom for Southern Africa. This is their gift. When white foreigners and their European Union family start killing them again where will they run to!

  7. African leaders need to recognize that the African continent is for all Africans. Remove all Colonial borders and Unite the continent. The United States of America has no border between States.

  8. This was why BLACKS in the Union of South Africa should not have protested having to carry passes to prove that they were not illegal aliens. Protesters were shot and killed by police officers.

  9. What is that gonna do. No one does that where I am living?? What’s the point of that move!!!!????? Focus on nutrition, MEDICAL TREATMENT the health of your people focus on studying the human body so you can have better medical centers . NUTRITION AND HEALTHCARE. MOVING PEOPLE AROUND ISNT GONNA DO SHIT BUT MOVE PEOPLE AROUND AND WASTE PEEOPLE TIME ‼️‼️‼️

  10. Don't worry, we will just be going on holiday for a couple of days or weeks. The majority will come back soon. I personally know guys and girls who were deported and came back the next day. 😁

  11. Some of u white supremacists have a strategy to create lawlessness in Africa on the pretense of being caring and thoughtful for other Africans yet you will never accommodate these people in your countries in fact you despise these Africans in truth.

  12. This pretense is the new way of trying to destabilize developing nations in Africa such as South African, because one thing that white supremacists hate is an African nation developing itself and protecting its resources and sovereignty

  13. A black man from a neighbouring country doing business in South Africa is a problem but a white man from over seas doing the same business they give him citizenship and ID….. something is wrong with some S.A citizens

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