August 12, 2022

41 thoughts on “South African Court Suspends Construction of Amazon’s Headquarters

  1. Why remove indigenous peoples from their ancestry homeland why not go to sandton or rosebank those are holy sacred land's

  2. 🤓🤓🤓Thank you Father God for this. Here in the United States we see what Amazon is doing and treating Akron Americans here another words they hired today and fire you tomorrow they have a High turnover rate in employment. And I could just imagine if they had went ahead with Amazon in South Africa the pay for Africans would have been extremely low for those that are black the white people that called herself afrikaners would have had leadership jobs and get paid more and would have job securement another word to be there for a long time.
    When a company has a high turnover rate in appointment that means they do not want to give their employees raises And or great benefits such as Healthcare
    Amazon would have brought in a lot of imports to Africa which would have been expensive but will Amazon do a lot of exports of African Goods, I highly doubt it they would first scream there is no market for it which I know that would be wrong because there's a lot of Africans all over this planet and I love to eat African food may it be Nigerian, Ethiopian and Somali the food is great but there is nothing like Fufu, Finger Licking Good.
    That was a smart move what the government did with Amazon. What ALL governments in Africa need to do when foreign companies want come there is start looking out for the main interest of the people by asking what can these companies do for my/their people. Instead of self-interest in lining their pockets with profits.

  3. if it affects them its affects us all. if these bullies want to pick on the most peaceful tribe in SA then they will get an entire country, why don't America move their trogon horse to Botswana right next to their military base that is literally a gun pointed at my country, America is too concerned with my country for me to ignore, just because we are silent doesn't mean we are clueless. if they keep pushing they will be met by the spear of the nation proudly holding an AK . klaar!!!

  4. Well done!! Enough with the NewWorldOrder pushers! And yeah, thousands of underpaid, slavery jobs like Amazon does all over the world! Go Africa, go!!

  5. Disrespectful… White South Africans owns thousand and thousands of land (at least 85%) so build on theirs… Amazon would not come alone, there'd be lots of other businesses that would follow this encroachment!!

  6. No one likes Khoisan in Southern side Africa, they just don't care about us, they wanna destroy everything to stone age and say they are the first Humans in Southern side of Africa, we cannot afford going back to stone age, from South Africa

  7. Awesome! Let Amazon stay in their country. South Africa should develop a platform similar to Amazon called “Afcon trade” and have outlets in all 54 states and do house-house delivery.

  8. There's something serious wrong about our South African courts, they don't serve the interest of South Africa.
    Our economy is struggling while South African courts kick investment away.
    Oil and gas was discovered in South African sea, the court stopped BP and shell from drilling oil that was gonna be a huge boost for economy and job creation.
    Now they're stopping Amazon from creating jobs for South Africans.
    Something is serious wrong.

  9. Please my melanated family, do not invest your hard, earn money with anyone via whatsapp, promising to make you a hefty return. They are nothing but con-artists, fraud, and imposters. Names like Gary Ralph, Hernandez, John, Abraham, Henry, and others. Don't trust them at any cost. You will be ROBBED. Sites like Fidel circle, Shidyfxtrades, etc are FAKE sites. Please take this warning seriously.

  10. May the indigenous Koyson people get the representation they deserve and get as educated as possible so as the generations move forward ⏩ they will be able to ensure these money hungry DEMONS don't come back.
    Walmart has done the same thing. In many area of the US.

  11. No surprise that Cape Town approved the construction. That Province of South Africa is wholly owned & run by a political party of the descendants of European settlers with the complicity of a cohort of middle class Africans who give it an air of non-racialism & legitimacy. What do these settlers care about African heritage? To the contrary, they want to wipe any semblance of early African presence & civilization on the African continent & elsewhere.

  12. But whyyyy would Amazon even consider building a headquarters there in the first place??? If I was building in a foreign country, the last thing I need would be angry locals to deal with. The devil never sleeps kmt

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