December 7, 2022

48 thoughts on “SOUTH AFRICAN CULTURAL SHOCK| Things you should know before moving to South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

  1. OK.
    1.Those abortions posters are ILLEGAL. Usually people who go there go to hide something or to do something bad. Government hospitals offer free and safe abortions and there are also many woman based clinics that offer safe abortions

    2. A native doctor or traditional healer is accepted in SA especially those who use their ancestorial gifts to heal and help for GOOD. We are a Christian nation but we do believe and acknowledge our ancestors as well hence you will see many sangomas, as those are the people who have a gift to dwell between the living and the not living. YES there are many who use such gift to do evil and bad things. Itlf you go to a healer to get help because western medicine just doesn't help you will get that help. If you go to someonewho can help you to get your ex lover you will get those too, just tread carefully we do not promote evil doing in SA.

  2. People who advertise all this stupid stuff such as abortion and etc ..most PEOPLE who does that are foreigners such as Nigerians , Ghanaian, Cameroonian and etc… Again what do u mean WHEN u say south Africans are drinking for no reason… Bout pregnancy u lying again … u make me sick my sister… Thats de reason we don't like foreigners in south Africa

  3. It does make sense for the person who invited you for breakfast/lunch/supper at a restaurant to pay for your meal, but (except for dates) for some odd reason that is not common here. If someone invites you to go for coffee, they are supposed to pay for that coffee.๐Ÿ˜Œ

  4. To be honest the posters you're talking about are put up by foreigners that make a living in South Africa .. try calling those numbers and hear the accents they not south African accents …

    Just wanted to clear that up

  5. Most of the things you say are totally different from Cape Town black people community in Cape Town majority speak Xhosa they don't use the word Sangoma for traditional healer they call it igqirha.. Eating Pap with meat thats Johannesburg thing…

  6. Firstly, if youโ€™re โ€˜shockedโ€™ – go back home; itโ€™s sheer stupidity to expect stupidity to expect our country to be the same as your country! You left your country for a reason most probably to better your life! Itโ€™s NOT true that youโ€™ve 2 languages French & English both European languages coz youโ€™ve no respect or value for your own languages! Donโ€™t come here & judge our lifestyle!

  7. Where do you think a student get money to entertain friends at restaurants, those posters are put up by foreigners, Nigerian sister please stop making this vedios about differences between SA and your countries, most of the points you highlighting shows that we are civilized. Please change the topic to South Africa is more civilized.

  8. Why must we get scared of sangomas, those r Africans and they are people like us, some of us are our families and ooh u can't say they are witch doctors don't be too westernized.. know more about African traditional medicine..u r trying too hard to embrace western culture than ur africanism

  9. This video is a demonstration of how Godless outsiders view South Africa…. Do i blame them? No!!
    Anyone who said we're Christian nation is lying….
    On the surface it appears that way but we're anything but as you have mentioned before….
    1. We commit abortions
    2. We welcome witches and promote witchcraft
    3. We're consume too much alcohol which then impairs our decision making.
    4. We have babies out of wedlock and we celebrate it. We no longer have any shame…

  10. Stop lying sister, do proper investigation and gather the correct information before posting. You can't just go to media and spread lies. What you're doing is going to cause unnecessary fights. Better delete this video cause it's all lies. No South Africans who are posting illegal posters except foreign nationals. I'm from Cape Town as well, and working in Johannesburg.

  11. Those abortion posters are not ours, We have legal method of doing it free of charge in hospitals, SA is a free country of religion , every religion matters, Sangoma have always been there. Some ppl use it, Incase you do no know SA also has a satanic church legally registered…I am christian though ..the dance is Tswana dance..

  12. It was taboo for an unmarried woman to have a child in the 80's particularly when she lives under the roof of her parents, but things slowly changed in the late90s and got worse around 2006 when the government paid child support grant for every child born from unemployed parents. Because of poverty young girls get pregnant to recieve the child grant.

  13. Stephanie whenever you get the chance to relax and READ, please indulge in Apartheid's Insanity and Stupidity by Mateu Nonyane. Available on AMAZON and TAKEALOT….thank you for your support!

  14. Cameroon has 300 ethnic language how would we communicate even inside the bamileke dont speak the same language it easy for south Africa to speak their language with pride it bcs their only have 11 languages make it easy and Cameroon you have people who speak french, German and English..

  15. Please am Cameroonian and if you from douala or kribi their be living the life drinking is a thing and their are many single mothers in Cameroon too I don't know what part of Cameroon your from!

  16. The thing of paying your own share is actually not a South African practice at all. I am a South African living in Cape Town as well, I was so shocked when my friend invited me to her birthday dinner and I had to pay my share. I am from the Eastern Cape and in my town/ community when you have any form of celebration., ceremony, or party the host covers all the main cost! I mean everything from arranging the accommodation, food, alcohol, and entertainment. The guests chose what they would like to bring for you in order to make the "get-together" more enjoyable and successful. Usually, it's something additional that all people would be able to enjoy e.g snacks, meat, sodas, etc. I think South Africans living in the cities are getting the influence from the Western cultures, to a point where there is no sense of community and everyone is just on their own or expected to contribute beyond their means to make it to a party for someone else. In my family and my town people still pay for everything if they invite you and that's how we are bought up as well. I think others have addressed other things I wanted to comment on, nice video Stephanie!

  17. I am proudly South African go back and do your home work with regards to abortion posters that you have seen and come back with the report on this channel to straighten the things because that is not South African.

  18. Ooookay๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•
    1) Those abortion posters and bringing back lost lovers became a thing when the rise of foreign nationals in South Africa. Abortion it not illegal here
    2) The 21st party is not because you don't have a child, it's a milestone, an acknowledgement that you are now a grown woman. The same way when a girl starts her period, there is a celebration
    3) The sangoma's are part of us being Africans, it's not witchcraft. You can go to them for help with your health, for spiritual guidance and to connect with your ancestors

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