December 7, 2022

28 thoughts on “South African Protesters March Demanding France Leave Africa

  1. Hell Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Extricate the mzungo from ALL things Afrika. Top to bottom, hope Julius becomes the General for Afrikan Security Forces, I'll sign up today. Cuz they will come back; with big Gunz in tow if we Unite. Believe that… ijs…

  2. They have no shame. They will not leave. When Africa becomes united France should be on the table of most wanted nations to pay trillions in reparations to damages fine to Africa after colonialism ended and forced neocolonialism started.

  3. Africa be strong the myth of white supremacy is being ripped to shreds as I type this and by a white nation who conducted their affairs without the need to invade countries and terrorise their peoples unlike these colonial bstrds who in all actuality have never left but maintain a shadowy presence the days of yes massa no massa are gone you can now see how weak america and europe really are take back what's yours these vampires either deal with us as equals or not at all ….God bless people of colour no matter which country ….and god bless russia …

  4. Thanks EFF brothers and sisters for standing up to crooked France. These protests should be happening all over Africa. Wicked France must get out of Africa. And stay away. Africa doesn't need France.

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