July 3, 2022

40 thoughts on “Spain has Deployed its Military on 8000 African Migrants in Ceuta its Territory Located in Africa

  1. Europe is responsible for Africa not being able to developing. Europe in constantly stealing wealth and for all the so-called tribal waring. Where ever there is wealth and minerals in Africa you will always find strife war and the European pretending to help. This is why the people are fleeing just like you see in South and central America to the USA. They are running to the very people that caused the situation😢.

  2. So sad Africans must inform themselves EU is not the it of it all . Neither is it the future of tomorrow's. Fight to keepout wars created by predators in your home lands, join the militaries stay home and fight.

  3. As the TRUTH might seem HARD to be acceptable to many of us as a PEOPLE know as AFRICANS is that, 60 to 75% of the all the Natural Resources that made them and still making them to be what they are today, including the Man power during the SLAVE TRADE, comes from AFRICA.
    Stop blaming them and let us look at ourselves from the inside, accept our foolish mistakes and learn. Our Continent as AFRICA IS TOO RICH!
    Remember, am just being Honest.

  4. Spain and its puny hold on a colony in Africa must be serious, and why are we tolerating this speck of European land to claim property on the continent of Africa? Time to kick them out. Let's get our Moors and Berbers to recapture Spain one more time.

  5. If France and others will let the African countries be truly free without sabotage then nobody will leave their home land at the risk of death. You can imagine about 15 countries still pay colonial tax to France

  6. Those colonies belong to Africa. Why doesn't some country help them build and benefit the African people so they won't be forced to come over. And to make sure, any country that does help to leave development to the African people.

  7. Listening to you, it's obviously mindbuggling. Why are our leaders, letting go our youth but self suicidal tendencies? Don't they heard what's going on in Europe already, people been detained for Covid now that Govid seems to be on its way for summer holidays, the unemployment people in Europe are crazy. Covid epidemic is an instrument to stop us African worldwide to stop traveling, and our irresponsible leaders know that very well. With no shames most of our African leaders are responsible for our fates, they're the cause of our misfortune. Because they've no interest for our land, nor people. And you pretend others much take notice of us. I'm not buying such shit anymore. It's time we as a people start doing what is right for us, and stop thinking that others will had interest for us.

  8. This shameful on us where is any African force to run these people back to Spain, France, London, Berlin America, and for self we are sleeping giant . We don't have until 2063 we have all that we need right now stop this , and today start building Akebu-lan. We must wake up and stand in our rightful place or we can continue singing to the choir, about the west and now the east as well I call on the masses of people to stop this now now now. Yes there will be cowards and casualties. Calling on the people from every cultural or tradition to unite and don't worry about your status because if your people are suffering you've already compromised you status.

  9. people flee the continent for a better life cuz the continent for the most part doesn't have many opportunities for its citizens. and the two cities in northern Morocco are not an issue and it literally doesn't add any value. it's like people flee to go to Europe and if those territories were African then you find their residents also fleeing to europe.

  10. * If there was original sin = did Jesus also sin.
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  11. The continent leaders should use the resources of their countries to create job opportunities for the young people to save them from drowning or being abused in their desperate attempt to reach Europe!!

  12. But it’s in Africa tho? 🤦🏿‍♀️ Spain should not even be there in the first place they have no right to African land. What’s wrong with African leaders letting their people being pushed around by anyone and everyone. How can they let this happen.🥺 It’s so embarrassing to watch honestly.

  13. Read up on the history of Spain and their actions towards African people and you wouldn't be surprised by what they are doing to today's Africans!

  14. People are so shocked that Spain colonized Morocco but are completely silent on the Arab who colonized Morocco. The Indigenous black Moroccans who were called "the Mauri" were annihilated or bred out by the Middle easterners and their European converts.

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