September 25, 2021

16 thoughts on “Spiritual Walk On The Beach | Afrakan Pickiney

  1. Yes family, Real talk.!
    We have to drop off some people and move to the program.
    I grew up in Jamaica and looking back: we walked in the night when it pitch black with no lights, not even a bottle torch. This tells me that our vision was heightened. Our mind is also heightened but it gets mixed up with other people's concept, needs, and wants.
    You are doing a wonderful job aand courages to shift the pendulum.
    Please keep the faith, the MOST HIGH ONE is with yoù and is directing your path.
    Respect to you KING and QUEEN🖤🖤🇯🇲

  2. Peace. I see many YT telling folks to work on themselves, do you think people that need the work know that? I've been travelling to majority African nations for years & we that return are not the only ones that need spiritual work/self work. Some folks on the continent also need to approach us with good intentions. Though I've never had any super negative experiences, when we return we should do so with our eyes wide open.

  3. Now ain't that truth coming to motherland with the coloniser ways is a tragedy for us as a people.we must work on ourselves be humble humble humble.we have to travel to the motherland spiritually mentally connect to mama land before the physical hit the ground.

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