September 25, 2021

12 thoughts on “SSANGA COURTS | LUXURY APARTMENTS KAMPALA | Moving to Africa Series

  1. Nice flats. What I don't understand is the high rent compared to the sales price. Is that because of the high mortgage rate in Uganda? Here in CH you pay about the same rent in a prime location for a comparable size but the properties cost easily over a million US$.
    Interesting video.

  2. Yeah this is where it’s at. After watching and studying these videos for roughly a year, Uganda is firmly entrenched in my top 3. Now I’m just working my plan because I can relocate now but I have to make sure I’m good for more than 5 years out. 🤣😬 Because that’s a big move and gotta make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. 🤞🏾 Peace!

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