September 22, 2023
"Stand Up" - Official Lyric Video - Performed by Cynthia Erivo

49 thoughts on “"Stand Up" – Official Lyric Video – Performed by Cynthia Erivo

  1. I may not be black but I鈥檓 Cuban. I think how it鈥檚 so wrong that people ignored our heritage because we look similar to them while everyone else that was different stayed suffering.

  2. Im a pre teen and this is a good song i have been getting bullied at every school i have been to because im black and i hate it i really wish the rasisim was gone 馃槶

  3. focus siempre la hace pero aqui rd no quiere a a ahiti despues de tanto trabajado que pasaeron a ti maestro contructor sal y octen por tu trabajo si te esconde ere cobarde y tu mama帽ema dala cara

  4. Praise God is Good. Only wish My Ancestors had the chance we were slaughtered. Rape. Killed. 40 to the 70 Our children were put behind 12 foot fence they cut our hair beat our hands to speak English us for trying to be free to hunt and pray to our Creator. I never seen a public school. Only those bobwire fences didn鈥檛 understand we were children why why did they treat us like Roachs. My brown skin and black hair attended them why. Why was we strip naked behind those concrete walls? Never will know my story I鈥檓 63. Years young God has carried me through countless times were Governess would beat me behind those concrete walls being a small child I look through those small windows all I saw was fields of dirt but nowhere to go. I was cage like a bird in those walls I was given shots said to cute glaucoma and cancer 7 years old what did they put in me. Lord as I stand and breathe I need to tell someone.
    Thank you for allowing me to to share this story I have so much more I鈥檓 not afraid no more. God is good.

  5. Why did they hate my black hair and brown skin why God help me cover my scars with love and children just wanted to be heard silence no more I am Kiowa tribe.

  6. Is you living now I like you song a lot I in love with I be crying it is so beautiful and I love when you say I going stand up and take my people with me鉂

  7. My spine goes crazy when i hear this song, i saw the movie ,i can't stop thinking that the movie is just a small pieace from what really happend 馃様

  8. this songgg give me chills. nobody deserves to go trough this and my heart aches when I hear this song. to everyone still going trough this I pray they get out of it and get justice. at the end justice will serve. it will

  9. A minute later I just feel in love with song, so when I be praying I will pray for this song cause this song is so beautiful,馃槉鉂も潳

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