November 28, 2021

46 thoughts on “State Department Holds Press Briefing As US Restarts Travel By Vaccinated Foreign Travelers

  1. ~~ Yes!!! As of today 6.5% inflation…. Interest rates about to go up, up, and away!!! This incompetent administration continues to disolve every aspect of our country!! They'll continue throwing our money out everywhere except here. Billions here billions there. Reward the wrongs. Ruin the rights.For the next 3 years they shovel our money out for anything and everything that makes no sense and has no benefit or return value of any kind. We're already 29 TRILLION in debt…. I'd say that's beyond bankrupt!! This 1st year of overreach and being completely wrong on EVERYTHING every step of the way is not only disgusting and blatantly disingenuous, but also the biggest heist the world has yet to see. They'll continue to dismantle and burn everything to the ground. But they are all coming down with us!! You can't shoot a hole in the bottom of the boat and think your not going to get wet!!!! You will end up sinking….and we will swim……

  2. Get ready folks gates got a stronger covi virus already made sitting in China just for us. We need to take these freemasons out before they take us out.
    Real war using germ warfare

  3. Dude! WHAT IS WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION’S SPEAKERS FOR THE VARIOUS SECTORS (press speaker for the president, the house, speaker, doj speaker, etc…) THIS GUY (above) SPEAKING FOR THE STATE DEPARTMENT, JEN PSAKI ESPECIALLY, AND THE NEW JEN PSAKI WANNABE (OR FILL IN OR REPLACEMENT IDK WHICH) ARE ALSO INCLUDED IN THIS STATEMENT, HAVING TERRIBLE SPEAKING SKILLS?????? I am no speaker myself and I’m never one to be easily annoyed by someone giving a public speech or briefing because I realize it’s not an easy thing to do. But my goodness even I know when it comes to any type of public speech or giving a briefing to the public that it is extremely nerve racking, but YOU DO THIS FOR A LIVING SO IM PRETTY SURE YOU HAVE A DEGREE OF SOME KIND WHICH MEANS YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED IN HOW TO GIVE A PROPER SPEECH &/or HAVE ALSO BEEN TAUGHT PROFESSIONALISM AND HOW TO BE A REAL PROFESSIONAL PERSON AND YOU WOULD THINK THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE IF YOU WORK FOR THE WITE HOUSE AMD THE CURRENT PRESIDENT!!!!!! So my point is STOP SAYING AH & UM! Every other word!!!!!!
    You sound like a moron!

  4. Knowing that vaccinated people can spread the virus
    Who's idea was it to drop travel restrictions right before the worst months of covid we ever saw last year?
    The sheer stupidity of such a high up and important decision utterly boggles my mind.

    It's almost as if they are trying to drive up infection rates, by dropping travel restrictions and getting more tourists running around…. so they can then turn around and point at the increased infection rates as a reason to push further vaccine mandates… milk that most profitable patent in human history until there's not a drop left.

  5. When your vaccines ahve a 70-85% efficacy rate with boosters then no, you have a 15%+ chance of being a "BioTerrorist". Aka willingly and knowingly spreading an infectious and or deadly bio agent.

  6. Good excuse as any to crankup this failed policy's for the record of, & continue to flood our system of immigration, that is a joke, wake-up and then smell the coffee, we will regret, this form of enforcement, we will be overrun

  7. Confused? Depressed ? have anxiety? Loose to much Mula? All you have to do is PRAISE JESUS. Costs you NOTHING BUT TIME. Save your soul . You can find INNER PEACE if you TURN YOUR HEARTS TO JESUS. Praise JESUS!!! Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. All you have to do is believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins and his Blood saves you.
    You dont have to do anything just Believe in Jesus Christ and that he died on the
    cross for your sins. AMEN!!! Praise JESUS!!! Jesus is King of PEACE

  8. They will ship illegals all over the country give them your money, but legal travellers are blackmailed.

    Our government is a crime syndicate. A totalitarian kleptocracy.

  9. Just come in through the southern border. No need to be vaxxed', stay for life. The taxpayers will be made to pay for all your needs. 😡

  10. When is the anti-American administration going to require illegal immigrants to be vaccinated…especially when this administration secretly flies them all over our Country in the dark to hide its invasion!

  11. this is america no one even people visiting should be vaxxed. the money people bring here to spend and help our economy is enough. I mean the illegals dont need a vax. how are people incentivized to come here legally.

  12. Yep they need another way to blame the outbreak of a 6th wave of covid so they can really push the vaccine that isn't a vaccine but in most cases is a death sentence. Way to go assholes.

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