March 29, 2023
Statue of Bristol slaver Edward Colston torn down by Black Lives Matter demonstrators

34 thoughts on “Statue of Bristol slaver Edward Colston torn down by Black Lives Matter demonstrators

  1. Now I'm all for BLM, but when you take it as far as trying to destroy evidence of our country's history , it is taking it too far and it won't help the cause at all. Also, what happened to COVID? I didn't know it stopped for a protest.

  2. Yeah, it's about time someone did something about 17th century slave traders, all unironically organised on their Chinese built smart phones. Some people don't understand why we keep statues of people from the past who did things abhorrent and insist we do it to glorify them, but that's just Bulverism. I understand the intuition behind people doing this but they were just preaching to the choir, it's not the sort of act that will get through to the sort of people BLM are trying to get through to.

  3. Another bunch of hypocrites, don't want a statue of a slave trader, but don't mind using the university, library, hospital and all the other buildings he paid for. And I bet half the people there hadn't got a clue who he was.

  4. You do know, it was legal back then… Rejecting history won't alter or change what happend in history, the only thing it'll alter to nothingness is the unshakable stupidity.

  5. That’s like me saying polish lifes matter my people were raped, murdered, tortured, starved ,and worked to the bone one race should not be put above another all life’s matter

  6. People who traffic slaves are not exactely racist, if everybody that worked with that was racist you could see Black people bring racist beacuse the had slaves in África

  7. so many white people support this. i dont get it…
    this is history and by destroying it, it will be forgotten and therefore repeated. blm is just a bunch of racists at this point

  8. BLM protesters cleared over toppling of Edward Colston statue

    walls of Jericho, the terracotta army, Bristol has spoken a symbolic move against the vile disgusting 1% GLORIFIED in Bronze Johnson surrounds himself with them for protection the unspeakable dead protecting the unspeakable living

    they stand as a symbol to Britain caste system privileges by womb

  9. How dare blm that course nothing but trouble. Britain ain't racist and we are not America. You have no rights like touching our hero Winston Churchill. Blm antifa has destroyed the USA not here .love all don't hide the past learn from it .I love black folk but getting sick of blm making millions off black folk and living in mansions when it should be poor black folk so blm your discusting living off the race card

  10. Also join us in the movement to have all ancient Egyptian artifacts removed from all around the country from museums and any displays, the Egyptian empire is built on over 2000 years of slavery. They enslaved the Syrians, the Hittites, the Jewish people and their favorites for hundreds of years the Nubians. Egyptian pharaoh even built stone fortress towers along side the Nile (still standing there) to protect their Nubian slave shipments from being retaken. In the early years of the empire there was also a fortress city just outside the Egyptian empire that the Egyptians wanted to take could not because it was so well fortified but then one of their pharaohs finally assembled a huge army that captured the city. The pharaoh wanted to destroy the city but the elder leaders asked him to spare it. The pharaoh finally agreed but in turn he took all the children from the city to be slaves in Egypt! Follow us and remove everything ancient Egyptian from everywhere.

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