September 19, 2021

45 thoughts on “Stephen Marley – Made In Africa ft. Wale, The Cast of Fela

  1. "Dear Black Jehovah JIREH, If David can go at Goliath with a stone 🪨…
    (👁️-(666)-👁️) can CANNIBALIZE Jesus Christ's & Satan's Kingdoms…both for the throne!!! (ME'NE ME'NE TEKEL 100% BLACK DRAGON'$ $PIRITUALETICISM!!!) (EYE-(666) ALONE AM the Goddamn Lord of Lords & King of Kings off in this motherfucker mane!!!"

  2. This is such a spiritual song!
    It drove me into trans, took me somewhere I’ve never been to, made me feel it in my soul that my people were robbed!
    I come from the kings of kings! This song reminds me of that!

  3. Baby God made me a rebel with the Gypsy soul this is the reason why I dedicate our first born daughter of our child to mother Africa to freeze and slavery of the blood diamond of every human being that has suffered throughout the world the Western hemisphere has once again shitted on the world with evil and wickedness but it doesn't only start here it's been everywhere and existence of the world it's only got to go back down to where we originate here in this world Africa and it's mandatory I go to Egyptian blood running through my veins it's in my DNA it's just like you you're my old love and you're my new love and my last love I love you my baby

  4. Love all jamaicans especially the the marley's creativy in poetry coming out through and through all your family generation don't stop now, educate your children. 🇿🇦🎼🎼🎼💎👌

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