August 12, 2022

11 thoughts on “Steve Bantu Biko I Remembering Black Consciousness Movement pioneer: Andile Mgxitama and Veli Mbele

  1. This land belongs to koi u idiots. And the boers thought for land and got itu need study history. But lol i forgot u idiots know everything. Thats why we rated to junk states. Saluut

  2. They will and always will be bunch of idiots. Look at country its f up. Thanx to u retards. U think u know everyting but u be the down fall of your own people. Just wait and see.

  3. if we real want to take back the land and the economy as blacks , we need to stop worshiping stive Biko, sobukwe, and ather heroes , and abolish politic , we need to open secrete society using our own languages ,coming up with secrete ways to deal with our strangles ,including educating our own kids , intelligent only is not enough we need protection of our leaders and society ,

  4. Reconciliation is madness . It shall never happen in a country where 10% control 80% of both Land and the economy,, Mandela and ANC sell outs. This situation shall not continue.. enough is enough. I miss Mr Bantu Biko, Mr Hani and Madam Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela .

  5. Veli Mbele you think that the ANC will work with Black Consciousness when it rejected the Kaduna Conference Patriot Front, and went alone to negotiate what we have today? Have you seen how corrupt and uncaring the ANC is?

  6. Pity nobody's doing anything about black people's dire situation in their own native Continent in this terrain called SA.The indigenous SAns(Blacks) are now oppressed by people who look like them but who identify with the enemy that's White Supremacy. And nobody's doing anything about it, just "dialogues"

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