June 9, 2023
Steve Biko speaks on The Black Consciousness Movement

36 thoughts on “Steve Biko speaks on The Black Consciousness Movement

  1. I read his bio at 16 in 1978, and as a white kid from Kansas it opened my eyes that the story is so much bigger than 'Lincoln freed the slaves and equal rights were established in 1963.' Biko is a hugely influential hero to the cause of human rights and black lives.

  2. Black inequality has been a topic for decades yet nothing has materialized for a black man for the past 100 years.Steve Biko was right that political freedom is not freedom without economical freedom.

  3. Steve Biko is turning in his grave. The ANC in itself has corrupted its purpose. Biko was not killed because he was a violent-racist threat, he was executed because he was free and that freedom was a threat. South Africa would be a different place-if Steve Biko had lived on.

  4. Only Black leader that can stand with Biko is Mandela the others legacies are all tarred Mbeki will be remembered for his stance on aids Zuma will be remembered for corruption and Ramaphosa will be remembered for Marikana

  5. Why don’t y’all understand that y’all are prisoners of war. Ain’t no equality or reparations or one human race. If y’all was human you would not have been slaves. Stop uniting by blackness. You get laughed at when you say you black because black people are not real. Y’all support white supremacy when you begging the white man for whatever. History has taught us one thing, we not equal. If you want justice then you gotta control your own system. It’s simple. This country was not for you. You are a prisoner of war. Stop expecting the whites people to not think strategically against the ignorance of the black race. Nobody’s skin is black and black does not produce color so stop with the delusions. Tune in on my channel

  6. Now I understand why the white government hated this man, he had a brilliant mind and sense of identity !!
    This sound clip makes me realize how much we are suffering from a leadership crisis

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