September 22, 2023
Steve Biko: The African Revolutionary, Why was he Killed?

42 thoughts on “Steve Biko: The African Revolutionary, Why was he Killed?

  1. This is one of the great black leaders in the mould of Patrice Lumumba, that were systematically murdered by people as to ensure that Africa will never be a success story, but alias we shall overcome some day.

  2. We will nevet forget you Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe,Sabelo Pamla and Chris Hani, our leaders who died before realization of the freedom they died fighting for Thank you children of soil, of the EC,of South africa.You are soley missed.

  3. It makes me sad that our black heros died fighting for this country for black people better living an today we have the Anc that doesn't care about the blacks they care about putting money in their pockets 💔 an forget the struggle of the blacks as the youth of South Africa we have to woke up an fight for our country and our future we can't let what'd our Heroes died for to be forgotten Steve Biko may your soul rest in peace 😔

  4. When they started Booming Tripoli many Africans were happy and jubilating in the name of, he has been in power for too long. I was very sad because I knew where all this is leading to. Now that GADAFI is gone, are his people happy now. It' sad we never learn.

  5. The white race has si much to answer for to what they have done to Africans and the diaspora… such evil they bestowed upon us for No reason…RIP Steve Biko and many others that died at the hands of white devils…

  6. When one understands the link between Christianity, Islam and the struggle of the bantu people, biko is the same as Mandela Zuma Mugabe ramaphosa…. He had his white keeper who happened to be white Christian bishop.. The perfect Africa will pack Jesus back to England Netherlands and Italy and take Muhammed back to his cave in Medina….

  7. It speaks volumes that the Apartheid government were afraid of him. Good! Injustice should be afraid when the truth is spoken out! I remember when the statue of Biko was unveiled in East London. I was a teenager. My matric year was the first year that the history of the ANC was taught. It was an exciting time but this is when I heard about the evil murder of this man.

  8. The Education of South Africa is what it is today because of Steve Bantu Biko!. he will always be every youths favourite rolemodel✊✊.

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