September 21, 2023
Steve Harvey EXPOSES Black Lives Matter On His Donald Trump Visit

on the Donald Visit

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40 thoughts on “Steve Harvey EXPOSES Black Lives Matter On His Donald Trump Visit

  1. Thing is when bernie mac asked his buddies to back him up they said they would when he went against cabal beating his clone because he could feel the pain not one was their and why he is no longer with us many dont know this truth !

  2. No! Black DemocRATS are sellouts because they support the DemocRAT party, that was started by SLAVE HOLDERS…for …SLAVE HOLDERS!! The party who's members started the KKK, the party that created Jim Crow laws!…Wake up you fools!

  3. Black people are so ignorant, easily hoodwinked and bamboozled over and over and over again. Sad. Also sad because it looks like Harvey backed down when the pressure was on.

  4. Real republicans started back then with black and brown folks. These Folks weren’t caught up in the matrix or fool by democrats like today black and Latinos population. Vote republican do your ancestors right break the curse. Don’t be like the democratic mascot donkey who’s movements are control and very short in distance and progress. Now you know.

    The democratic party has been sheer evil going all the way back to the founder of that party.. Andrew Jackson, who has quite the evil history himself.
    At that time, there was ONE PARTY called REPUBLICAN-DEMOCRATS and the republican side was opposed to slavery. Andrew Jackson whined and split the party to form his own party called DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Why? To keep his slaves. Andrew and his family were the cruel owners/masters of over 300 slaves.
    When Abe Lincoln set the slaves free, the democrats didn't like that. Shortly after Lincoln ended the Civil War, John Wilkes Booth shot him. Booth was a DEMOCRAT.
    Also, six DEMOCRAT guys from Pulaski, Tennessee formed the KU KLUX KLAN in order to keep the Black man in line. Those guys nominated NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST to be the first head of the KKK. Forrest was a delegate to the DNC and was a confederate General.
    Fast forward to 1914. Next head of the KKK was WILLIAM J. SIMMONS, A "DEMOCRAT" and former minister. Hence the flaming crosses. He also came up with their white robes and conehead masks.
    Fast forward again to the 1960s.
    Alabama governor GEORGE WALLACE a straight up racist, no secret about that.
    He did not like JFK because he showed the world the big fool that Wallace was.
    Yes, JFK and his brother Bobby were democrats, but they should have been Republicans with their policies.
    Lyndon Johnson said "I'LL HAVE THEM NIGGERS VOTING DEMOCRAT FOR THE NEXT TWO HUNDRED YEARS!" Then he signed into law giving the black man the right to vote… KNOWING THEY WILL VOTE DEMOCRAT. Johnson was also one of the BIGGEST RACISTS.
    Ultimately, the democrats took out JFK, HIS BROTHER BOBBY AND THE REVEREND DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING.
    WHY? JFK was for the Black man and he also knew about the plot to bring in the NWO (New World Order).. aka.. One World Government. He said he would EXPOSE it.. Next thing he's DEAD. Democrats took out Bobby for the same reason. Now, the democratic party is the biggest racist organization in the world. REVEREND Martin Luther King was getting too big for them to control.. Guess what? Yes, DEMOCRATS TOOK HIM OUT TOO.
    Nowadays, the republican RINOS are working with the democrats to bring in the NWO.
    GEORGE BUSH SR. while President, gave speech to a joint session of congress and in it, spoke of the NEW WORLD ORDER and how Wonderful it "WILL" be.
    Fast forward again, GEORGE BUSH Jr, also in on the same plan. The 911 attacks were planned by the BUSHES, CHENEYS, CLINTONS as well as several others. There is many arrows of evidence that point right at them.
    Obumner lied in his claim to have killed Osama bin laden. Bin laden was dead 10 (TEN) years before that.
    Proof.. Shortly after the attacks, bin laden was sending VHS video tapes, making his threats to America.
    There were specialists/experts looking at "EVERY" detail of those videos including medical professionals looking at him. There was no secret that bin laden had failing kidneys and doctors looking at his skin discoloration and said that if he doesn't get treatments real soon, he will die!! Soon after that he died and videos stopped coming and Bush jr had bin laden body on I've all the two terms he was in office and then gave it to obumner to do what he wanted.
    All this chaos to bring in the NWO

  6. L get it african-americans vote for democratic party and 40% of Americans have been in some kind of prison sometime in their life so it's not surprising that people vote for the Democrats

  7. You black people really need to STOP 🛑!!!! Research before you post rubbish!!! You think you can make it telling lies??? Sorry you will always fail!!! FAILURE IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME

  8. He's not a sellout for visiting Trump, he's a sellout for just about every other reason though. The guy constantly panders to spoiled, rich housewives who are already out of touch with reality.

  9. Trump is the President America 🇺🇸 Needs. Not sleepy Grandpa Joe. Trump gets countries respect, Biden makes us look like a Joke. Just facts, hate Trump as a man sure, AS A LEADER. He's da man.

  10. Dude you blaming the Dems for what people said on social media? They could've been Republicans or independent. Did you even ask or take a poll? No. So basically your just running your mouth without proof.

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