September 17, 2021

40 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder moves to Africa to leave grandchildren an inheritance/Migration is happening

  1. sometimes you can't do for so family members….some family members don't want to do nothing for themselves and expect for other family members to do for them just because they're "family". To me that's the most selfish attitude ever…I'm sorry I can't do for a family member who just wants to sit on their @$$ and not do nothing or wanna get drunk and high all day and then expect you to help them because of that "family" word

  2. This literally made goosebumps raise on my skin. Stevie Wonder!!!? This is amazing. One day ALL of God's children will make it back to Africa!πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  3. That's the only way to leave a legacy that won't get taxed into oblivion by the US government. They've made it a business stealing land and legacies from black folk

  4. Pls tell right now the have the opportunity to go back to Africa but for how long will the door open for you. Pls go to Africa like you to London or Paris just visit and see before thing change.

  5. America is headed for a civil war….The attack on the Capital was the beginning of this civil war…Guns and ammo are selling out….Ask yourself why, because those crazy racist folks have been woken up by 45, so now they are preparing for something more extreme. Wake up black folks

  6. We as black people should start investing in Africa using our American dollar…..Those racist people in America are afraid of you spending your money in Africa instead of America….Your dollar will go further and longer in Africa….You will live an healthier life without the racism of the West….You black American folks better stop sleeping on Africa and find a country you can call your own……Mine is Ethiopia….

  7. @Autobot Diva
    South Africa is more like America. I hate to say this as a South African but it's true! The ANC sold its people to the cabal! My son is thinking of moving out of South Africa and he's not the only one with that sentiment. It's sad for our country.

  8. I appreciate everything you and your wife are putting forth. But tell us how we can purchase Land. Who do we contact? Where do we go to purchase a condo for those who are able to leave. I was not able to Leave a inheritance to my Children. I at times had vegatables that were going bad, I would cook them down to make a sauce. And with one bag of flour I would make bread and noodles for the sauce. I've lived the story of Old Mother Hubbard. Some of us lived pay check to pay check. And children are smart. One of my children said They remembered us going to taco bell. And I would order food for us and give half of my Sandwich to him. My other child remembers making a meal out of one bag of flour. I must admit some are not prepared to leave including myself.

  9. Perhaps God saved you because you're saving us! You may not know your gifts until the time comes for you to shine in your purpose. You are a natural at this! πŸ™ŒπŸΏ

  10. Ms Tee Williams, great insight and nothing but the truth! Everything you said was πŸ’―. Thinking of your descendents and knowing no matter how much money they will earn or what social class they'll fall under won't make a difference when it comes to skin color. It will be the same BS! Black celebrities net work are sometimes triple digits lower than of whites. The fact that we're still signing documents stating what color group we're in, says enough. Racism is seeded in America and flourishing everyday. It will be going nowhere no time soon!

  11. You know what Gb2A, you don't only speak to the blacks from abroad, you're talking to even us in the motherland, you are waking up that side of us that we didn't appreciate about ourselves and our land

  12. Brother, The aim of "Slavery and Colonialism" was "the building of self exclusively": Almost akin to "Selfishness".
    Black People, are highly motivated to work for the good of "THEIR LIFE" and Only "Their Life":
    When a person steps out of line – "They were placed in front of everyone and beaten, mutilated, and killed".
    IF they implicated another person, "BOTH" were destroyed. The fact that Black People will not work as family members
    is amazing to me. I grew up as a Black Boy in the company of a "White Boy's family"; I know of the difference
    that siblings impact in the life of each other when they work together. But know, this lack of caring is ingrained is us.

  13. Steve Wonder is a legend, a great man known all over the world. May Almighty God be with him. I do not live in the United States and do not crave to be there. I have all the opportunities to be in the United States but I do not miss it at all.

  14. Our black brother Stevie Wonder will not wonder anymore in a nation where Black men`s has no roots there in America once he had set finally his foot on the ground of his ancestors wish is call Africa ! Welcome brother in the land that where our Africans brothers feels like being at home !

  15. I am moving to Ghana, I am so talented and struggling in America. I know I can do much better in Ghana Africa. Dirt Roads, lights outs sometimes don't bother me. I can contribute a lot to the motherland …..And live healthier…….Awesome Video.

  16. @GoBlack2Africa, what you're doing is awesome, this will be credited unto you and to your legacy. I have been following stories about African Americans moving to Africa on different YouTube channels and I've noticed a trend of some who stay for a little while, get frustrated and go back to the US complaining and regretting their move. I think they need to listen to people like you first before they make their move. Many of them are going to Africa with the mindset that Africa owes them something (due to slavery stories and whatever) and so when they get there and their expectations are not met, they get frustrated, complain and then they go back. I think this video will help them understand that investing or moving to Africa is actually for their own good and that of their children and generations after them. You're creating a legacy.

    Additionally, African Americans should fully comprehend the fact that Africa has been through a whole lot, she's still facing a lot of challenges and has a long way to go. So, when you decide to come to Africa, join the Africans that are working hard towards a better Africa and make your mark. Invest in the motherland, make an impact, contribute to the community you end up settling in, take the challenges and create solutions out of them. Let's make our motherland a better place for us and our children and the generations to come. Whether you move to Africa or just invest, own it in every sense.

    the mindset that you're coming Granted, in most African countries, you will still see sights of poor roads, poor public systems, corruption, poor people etc but for a forward thinking person with some meana, all these are opportunities.

    That being said, Africa is home and you will feel the spirit soon as your feet touch the soil. Do your research, decide which part of Africa you wanna visit or even settle in and then make your move. I'm a daughter of the soil (born and raised in East Africa) been living in Europe for the past 7 years but going back and forth once or twice each year but moving back probably for good soon. KARIBUNI NYUBANI y'all.

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