September 19, 2021

27 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder Moving To Ghana | Singer Moving To Africa Permanently

  1. I am so happy for him. Things will not change for us. As for me I feel my ancestors calling me every waking moment to come back home to Africa. One day I will be leaving soon.

  2. True equally will not be realized because white supremacy is the objective of the US government. We pay our taxes like everyone else yet we are not protected by the US government. It hurts me know that we are paying into a system that does not seek justice nor protects us. Getting paid less than white counter parts for the same job is also discouraging. I hope other African Americans will follow suit and realize that we don't have to settle for 4th and 5th class citizens in the country which we built without compensation. I congratulate Mr. Wonder.

  3. I dnt really agree with your second point, coz y'all are from here, they maltreated our ancestors and is time to come back home. Y'all should move to Ghana because most of you are from Ghana West Africa. Ghana is home come and experience it coz or the slaves were captured here. #backtothe roots

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